Unasylva - Vol. 7, No. 1

Table of Contents

March 1953

Unasylva - An International Review of Forestry and Forest Products

Cover Photograph: An FAO Mechanical Logging Training Centre has been operating in the Philippines since 1 October 1952 under the direction of H. G. Keith. Forty trainees from 11 countries of South-east Asia have been attending the course. The cover photograph shows logs being put into rafts for floating down from the forest to the sawmill in an area operated by the Nasipit Lumber Company, where trainees spent a month observing actual logging operations.

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Table of Contents

Forests and economic progress in Asia

Sustained yield and the national conscience

K. A. Miedler
A Contribution to tropical forest utilization

FAO Staff
Eucalyptus study tour

E.E.F. Uhart
The charcoal problem in Asia

FAO Staff
India's declaration on forest policy

International Union of Forest Research Organizations

A.B. Walton, R.C. Barnard, and J. Wyatt Smith
Silviculture of lowland dipterocarp forest in Malaya1

Heimo Rahtu
Timber constructions at the Olympic games

Commodity reports

Railway sleepers

The work of FAO

The sixth international grassland congress
European commission on forestry
Pulp and paper consultation
Asia-Pacific forestry commission

Equipment news

News of the world

Fundamental science
Mensuration and surveying
Industry and trade
Forest products and their utilization
Forest policy

Selected reviews

1952 Yearbook of forest products statistics

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