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FAO - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - grew out of a United Nations Conference held at Hot Springs, Virginia, U.S.A., in May 1943. The nations agreed to work together to secure a lasting peace through freedom from want. The Organization was formally founded at Quebec, Canada, in October 1945. It was located at Washington D.C. until 1951 when the Headquarters office was moved to Rome.

Unasylva is prepared by the Forestry and Forest Products Division (Egon Glesinger, Director; L. J. Vernell, Editor) and published quarterly. It attempts to cover a range of interest which is as wide as that of the Division whose work it mirrors. Signed articles express the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Organization. All material in Unasylva may be freely reprinted, but acknowledgment is requested, together with a copy of the publication containing the reprint.

Cover Photograph. Village women of the Rif mountain area of Morocco returning from their work in the fields. On the outskirts of the village, vegetation is sparse; the holm oaks and cork oaks have been cut for fuelwood and animal fodder. The development of this area, with its harsh climate, must be based on all its potential resources, agricultural, pastoral, forest and touristic. A national project for integrated development of the western Bit region is being financed in part by the United Nations Special Fund for Economic Development, with FAO acting as executing agency on behalf of the fund.

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Table of Contents

AID to developing countries

G. J. W. Pitt
Amazon forests

H. Pschorn-Walcher
Biological control of forest insects

Thane Riney
The international importance of African wildlife

Rudolf Fromer
Some problems of regional planning in forestry

A. J. Riker
Internationally dangerous tree diseases

P. J. Viro
Evaluation of site fertility

World forestry in stamps

Commodity report

The work of FAO

Forestry education
FAO advisory committee on pulp and paper

Equipment section

News of the world

Ruanda Urundi
Tristan da Cunha
United Kingdom
United States of America

Forestry publications

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