VI. Appendices

A. Delegates and observers attending the third session of the conference
B. Amendments to rules and regulations
C. Budget for the third financial year (1948)
D. Audited accounts of FAO
E. Agreement between the International Labour Organisation and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

A. Delegates and observers attending the third session of the conference



Member: FRANK W. BULCOCK, Director General of Agriculture, Melbourne

Alternate: G. R. BARON-HAY, Under-Secretary for Agriculture, Western Australia

Advisers: W. T. DOIG Assistant Director, Bureau of Agricultural Economies, Department of Commerce and Agriculture, Canberra
H. SULLIVAN, First Secretary, Australian Legation, Paris


Member: JOSEF KRAUS, Federal Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Vienna

Associates: RUDOLF FISCHER, Counsellor, Federal Ministry of Food, Vienna
FRANZ GRÜNSEIS, Chief of Section, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Vienna
RUDOLF PHILIPP, Chief of Section, Federal Ministry of Food; Chairman, Austrian National FAO Committee, Vienna
ERNEST M. WUNDER, Minister-Counsellor, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Vienna

Advisers: ANTON CESCHI, Chief of Austrian Timber Office, Ministry of Commerce, Vienna
STEFAN DUSCHEK, Chief of Provincial Timber Office for Upper Austria, Linz

Secretary: Miss GERDA DOBLHOFF, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, and Forestry, Vienna


Member: PAUL MAURICE ORBAN, Ministry of Agriculture, Brussels

Alternates: GEORGES MOENS DE FERNIG, Minister of Food and Imports, Brussels
P. KRONAKER Member, House of Representatives, Brussels
A. WAUTERS, Minister Plenipotentiary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brussels

Associates: J. BLERO Assistant head, Cabinet of Minister of Agriculture, Brussels
J. FORGET, Director-General, Ministry of Agriculture, Brussels

Advisers: M. H. J. VAN DEN ABEELE, Director-General, Ministry of Colonies, Brussels
E. BIGWOOD, Professor, Brussels University, Brussels
H. COLLEAUX, Inspector, Waters and Forests, Ministry of Agriculture, Brussels
J. C. VAN ESSCHE, Director-General, Ministry of Food and Imports, Brussels
J. LAROCHETTE, Private Secretary to Minister of Agriculture, Brussels
H. DE VOS, Director-General, Ministry of Communications and Marine, Brussels

Observers: R. CASSIERS Director, External Economic Relations, Brussels
L. H. A. LECLERCQ, National Federation of the Union of Professional Agriculturists, Brussels
J. VAN DER VAEREN, Honorary Secretary-General, Ministry of Agriculture, Brussels

Secretary: G. WATSON, Counsellor to Minister of Agriculture; Secretary, Belgian National FAO Committee, Brussels


Member: J. ORTIZ-LINARES, Bolivian Minister, Paris


Member: JOAO PINTO DA SILVA Consul-General, Geneva

Associates: JOSUE DE CASTRO, Director, National Institute of Nutrition, Rio de Janiero
LINCOLN NERY DA FONSECA, National Institute of Pine Forestry, Rio de Janiero
PAULO FERREIRA DE SOUZA, Service of Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture, Rio de Janiero

Secretary: MILTON TELLES RIBEIRO, Consul, Geneva


Member: U MAUNG OHN, London Representative of A.F.P.F.L., Burma

Alternate: U NYUN, Collector of Customs, Rangoon

Associate: U BA NYEIN, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Commerce and Supply, Rangoon

Secretarial Assistant: U CHIT TUN, Ministry of Commerce and Supply, Rangoon


Member: JAMES G. GARDINER, Minister of Agriculture, Ottawa

Alternate: G. S. H. BARTON, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Ottawa

Associates: E. S. ARCHIBALD, Director, Experimental Farms Service, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa
J. F. BOOTH, Associate Director of Marketing Service, Economies Division, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa
G. D. W. CAMERON, Deputy Minister, Department of National Health and Welfare, Ottawa
J. A. CHAPDELAINE, First Secretary, Canadian Embassy, Paris
J. P. MANION, Commercial Representative, Rome
D. G. WILDER, Biologist, Atlantic Biological Station, St. Andrews, N.B.

Advisers: D. M. ALLAN, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa
H. H. HANNAM President, Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Ottawa
C. J. MORROW, Fisheries Council of Canada, Ottawa
C. F. WILSON, Director, Wheat and Grain Division, Department of Trade and Commerce, Ottawa

Press and Public Relations: R. B. W. MARVEN, Publicity Editor, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa

Secretary: S. C. HUDSON, Principal Economist, Economies Division, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa


Member: HIGINIO GONZALEZ, Counsellor to Chilean Delegation to United Nations, New York

Alternates: H. BIGGS, Nitrate Sales Corporation, Madrid
RAUL DUCCI Chilean Development Corporation, New York
R. ELGUETA, Chilean Consul-General, Zurich
ALVARO MUNOZ, Nitrate Sales Corporation, London


Member: P. W. TSOU, Senior Adviser to Ministry of Food; Resident Representative in the United States for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Washington

Alternate: FRANK H. C. LIU, Director of Bureau of Food Control, Ministry of Food, Nanking

Secretaries: L. O. WANG, Ministry of Agriculture, and Forestry, Nanking


Member: HONORIO PEREZ SALAZAR, Director of Department of Lands, Ministry of National Economy, Bogota

Alternate: GABRIEL GIRALDO-JARAMILLO, Consul-General, Geneva

Costa Rica


Member: ENRIQUE PEREZ-CISNEROS, Commercial Attaché Cuban Embassy, Washington

Alternate: RODOLFO ARANGO, Director of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Havana

Adviser: EMILIO PANDO, Director of Commerce, Ministry of State, Havana
LUIS MARINO PEREZ, Delegate to International Sugar Council, London


Member: VACLAV MAJER, Minister of Food, Prague

Alternates: K. FILO Slovak Commissioner of Food, Prague
O. MALIS, Head of Department, Ministry of Agriculture, Prague

Associates: Mrs. J. ZACHOVA BATKOVA, Member of Parliament, Prague
V. CINKE, Head of Department, Ministry of Food, Prague
M. FALTAN, Member of Parliament; General Secretary, Slovak Farmers' Association, Bratislava
LADISLAV HOLY, Minister-Counsellor, Ministry of Foreign Trade, Prague
STANISLAV MINOVSKY, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prague
KAREL PLACEK, Counsellor, Chief of Division, Ministry of Food, Prague
I. SEBES, Agricultural Attaché, Paris
J. TAUBER, General Secretary, Czechoslovak National FAO Committee, Prague
OTAKAR VOJTISEK, Counsellor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prague

Expert: GUSTAV ZVERINA, Deputy Director General, Woodworking Industries, Prague

Secretary: K. V. EPSTEIN


Member: K. SKOVCAARD, Professor, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural College, Copenhagen

Alternate: S. SORENSEN, Agricultural Adviser to Danish Government, Agricultural Attaché, Danish Embassy, Washington

Advisers: Mrs. KAREN BRAAE, Head, Danish Council of Domestic Science and Economy, Copenhagen
B. S. DINESEN, Chief of Section, Directorate for Fisheries
A. HOGSBRO HOLM, Secretary-General, Agricultural Council, Copenhagen
M. C. IVERSEN, Chief of Section, Department of Statistics, Copenhagen
BORGE JACOBSEN, Directorate of State Forestry, Copenhagen
J. V. THYGESEN, Chief of Section, Ministry of Supply, Copenhagen
ERIK A. UHL, Health Department, Copenhagen
O. P. E. WINCE, Assistant Chief of Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen

Adviser/Secretary: H. P. TOFT MIKKELSEN, Assistant Chief of Section, Ministry of Agriculture, and Fisheries, Copenhagen

Dominican Republic

Member: MANUEL PASTORIZA, Dominican Minister to France and Switzerland, Paris and Geneva


Member: ALEJANDRO GASTELU, Consul-General, Geneva


Member: MAHMOUD BEY ZAKI, Under-Secretary of State to Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Cairo

Alternate: MOHAMED MAMOUN ABDEL-SALAM, Director, Extension Service, Ministry of Agriculture, Cairo

Associates: ABDEL FATTAH ABDEL-LATIF, Sub-Director, Agricultural Economies and Statistics Section, Ministry of Agriculture, Cairo

El Salvador

Member: ARTURO BUSTAMENTE, Chargé d'Affaires, Paris

Associate: GUSTAVO A. GUERRERO, Consul-General, Geneva


Member: EINO A. SAARI, Professor of Forest Economics, University of Helsinki, Helsinki

Alternate: OTTO F. VALLE, Professor, Central Experimental Agricultural Station, Helsinki


Member: TANGUY PRIGENT, Minister of Agriculture, Paris

Alternates: ANDRE MAYER, Professor, Collège de France, Paris
H. LONGCHAMBON Counsellor of the Republic, Paris

Counsellors: J. BAYLOT, Secretary-General for Food Supply, Paris
L. CLOSON, Director-General, Institute of Statistical and Economic Studies, Ministry of National Economy, Paris

Associates: L. BOU, Director, Cabinet of Minister of Agriculture, Paris
P. CHOUARD, Scientific Counsellor, General Secretariat of Food Supply, Paris
EUGENE DEMONT, Ministry of National Economy, Paris
B. DUFAY, Director-General, Waters and Forests, Ministry of Agriculture, Paris
M. GUILLAME, Director of Agriculture, Ministry of Overseas Territories, Paris
G. H. JANTON, Ministry of National Economy, Paris
R. JOFFET, Director of Economies, Ministry of Agriculture, Paris
P. LAMOUR, Secretary-General, General Confederation of Agriculture Paris
L. LUGUERN, Ministry of Agriculture, Paris
P. MARTIN, President of Agricultural Co-operatives Federation, Paris
G. PETER, Director of Economies, Ministry of Overseas Territories, Paris
J. E. ROYER, Ministry of National Economy, Paris
R. SAVARY, Director, Economies Studies, General Confederation of Agriculture, Paris
M. J. TERRIN, Director of Fisheries, Ministry of Merchant Marine, Paris
B. TOUSSAINT, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris
P. VIDAUD, Assistant Director of Planning, Ministry of Overseas Territories, Paris

Observer: Mme. GERMAINE DEGROND, President of Food Commission, National Assembly, Paris

Secretary: M. CEPEDE, Ministry of Agriculture, Paris


Member: NICOLAS CHRISTODOLOU, Director-General of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Athens

Secretary: SOTIRIOS PETROPOULOS, Agricultural Officer, Agricultural Rank, Athens




Member: ALFRED ADDOR, Consul-General Geneva


Member: BASILIO DE TELEPNEF, Consul-General, Berne

Secretary: Miss LITA FISCHER


Member: A. SIBELKA-PERLBERG Minister-Counsellor, Ministry of Agriculture, Secretary-General, National FAO Committee, Budapest

Associate: ARTHUR SZEKELY, Secretary-General, Chamber of Commerce, Budapest


Member: DAVID OLAFSSON, Director of Fisheries, Reykjavik


Member: ANUGRAHA NARAYAN SINHA, Minister for Finance, Supply, and Labor, Bihar

Alternate: S. Y. KRISHNASWAMY, Joint Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture, New Delhi

Associates: C. BALI REDDY, Peasants Association, Cumbum, Karnool, Madras
O. VERRABASAPPA, Member, Legislative Council, Mysore

Advisers: W. R. NATU, Economic and Statistical Adviser to Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture, New Delhi
V. N. PATWARDHAN, Director, Nutrition Research laboratory, New Delhi
K. RAMIAH, Director, Central Rice Research Institute, New Delhi

Secretaries: Sir J. P. SRIVASTAVA, Former Food Member of Government in India, New Delhi
V. B. SHUKLA, Private Secretary to the Member Liaison Officer: R. JOMADAR


Member: SAYID DARWISH AL-HAIDARI, Director-General of Agriculture, Bagdad


Member: PATRICK SMITH, Minister for Agriculture, Dublin

Alternate: JOHN DEMPSEY, Chief Inspector, Department of Agriculture Associates:, Dublin

Associates: B CULLIGAN, Department of Industry and Commerce, Dublin
J. D. HOURIHANE, Department of Health, Dublin
H. McCANN, Department of External Affairs, Dublin
J. C. NAGLE, Department of Agriculture, Dublin

Secretary: C. SHEEHAN, Department of Agriculture, Dublin


Member: ANTONIO SEGNI Minister for Agriculture, Rome

Alternates: VITTORIO RONCHI, High Commissioner for Food, Rome

Associates: FRANCESCO GIORGIO MAMELI, Minister Plenipotentiary, Rome

Advisers: PAOLO ALBERTARIO, Director-General, Ministry of Agriculture, Rome
GUIDO DE MARZI, Director-General, High Commissariat of Food, Rome
GIUSEPPE UGO PAPI, Professor, University of Rome, Rome
AURELIO CARRANTE, Professor, Director-General, Ministry of Agriculture, Rome

Secretaries: FRANCESCO CONSTANTINO, Private Secretary to Minister for Agriculture, Rome
VINCENZO TORNETTA, Secretary, National FAO Committee, Rome


Member: JAMIL MIKAOUI, Minister to Switzerland, Geneva



Member: NICOLAS MARGUE Minister of Agriculture, Luxembourg


Adviser: MATHIAS PUTZ, Counsellor, Ministry of Agriculture, Luxembourg


Member: MANUEL GERMAN PARRA, Professor, Undersecretary of National Economy, Mexico City

Alternate: FRANCISCO DE P. MIRANDA, Director, National Institute of Nutrition, Mexico City

Adviser: OCTAVIO BARREDA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexico City

Secretary: ANDRES FENOCHIO, First Secretary of the Mexican Legation, Berne


Members: S. L. MANSHOLT, Minister of Agriculture Fisheries and Food Supply, The Hague (Absent) E. DE VRIES, Acting Head of Division, Ministry of Overseas Territories, The Hague

Alternate: A. H. BOERMA, Government Commissioner for Foreign Agricultural Affairs, The Hague

Associates: B. VAN DAM, Secretary of Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food Supply, The Hague
M. J. L. DOLS, Counsellor to Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food Supply, The Hague
J. A. P. FRANKE, Head of Food Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food Supply, The Hague
C. C. HULST, Economic Adviser, Ministry of Finance, The Hague
A. C. KOORENHOF, Senior Official, Ministry of Overseas Territories, The Hague
Baron S. J. VAN TUYLL VAN SEROOSKERKEN, Assistant Chief of Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague
A. B. SPEEKENBRINK, Director-General of Foreign Relations, The Hague

Advisers: W. DEKKER, Agricultural Attaché, Berne
D. J. VAN DIJK, Director of Fisheries Products Marketing Board, The Hague
J. A. KALIGIS, Adviser for East Indonesia, The Hague
G. J. LIENESCH, Director of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food Supply, The Hague PHOA LIONG GIE, Adviser of the Netherlands Indies Government, The Hague
G. P. F. ROYACKERS, Secretary, Federation of Agricultural Producers, The Hague
W. VAN WINKOOP, Assistant Director of Forestry in Indonesia, Ministry of Overseas Territories, The Hague

Secretary: C. H. BOGAARDT, Chief, Foreign Relations Section, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food Supply, The Hague

New Zealand

Member: E. J. FAWCETT, Director-General, Department of Agriculture, Wellington

Alternates: N. S. McCLUMPHA, Marketing Department, London
R. W. MARSHALL, Trade Commissioner, Washington

Adviser: A. P. O'SHEA, General Secretary, Federated Farmers of New Zealand (Inc.), Wellington

Secretary: J. V. WHITE, Department of Agriculture, Wellington


Member: R. MORK, Rector and Professor, Agricultural College of Norway, Vollebekk

Alternate: KARL EVANG, Burgeon General of Public Health, Oslo

Associates: ANDERS FJELSTAD, Delegate of Norwegian Government on Agricultural Affairs in U.S.A. and Canada, Washington and Ottawa
NILS N. IHLEN, Forestry Adviser, Norwegian Forestry Society, Oslo
PER ROGSTAD, Director of Export and Marketing, Ministry of Fisheries, Oslo
Mrs. BERGLIOT QUILLER WERENSKIOLD, Head of State Research Institute for Home Economies, Oslo
HAAKON WEXELSEN, Professor of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Agricultural College of Norway, Vollebekk

Secretary: OLE MJELDE, Secretary, National Nutrition Council; National FAO Committee, Oslo


Member: HABIB IBRAHIM RAHIMTOOLA, High Commissioner in United Kingdom, London

Advisers: MUIZUDIN AHMAD, First Secretary to the High Commissioner in United Kingdom, London
A. MUKHTAR, Office of High Commissioner in United Kingdom, London

Secretary: M. J. BUKHT, Private Secretary to High Commissioner in United Kingdom, London




Member: FLAVIO BAZAN, Department of Forestry, Lima

Philippine Republic

Member: JOAQUIN M. ELIZALDE, Ambassador of Republic of Philippines to U.S.A., Washington

Associate: JOSE TEODORO, JR., Assistant Commercial Attaché, Philippine Embassy, Washington


Member: TADEUSZ LYCHOWSKI, Minister Plenipotentiary; Director, Economic Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Warsaw

Alternate: STEFAN KROLIKOVSKI, Principal Economic Adviser to Minister of Agriculture, Warsaw
LUDWIK LESZCZYNSKI, Chief of Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Warsaw

Associate: STEFAN MANDECKI, Director of Economic Department, Ministry of Supply, Warsaw

Associate/Secretary: Mme. KRYSTYNA PIOTROWSKA, Chief of Section, Central Planning Board, Warsaw


Member: ANTONIO DE SOUZA DA CAMERA, Director of National Station of Agriculture, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Chairman, National FAO Committee, Lisbon

Associates: D. RODRIGO PEDRO DE CASTRO, Research Worker of National Station of Agriculture, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lisbon


Member: PHRA PRAKAS SAHAKORN, Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Agriculture, Bangkok

Alternate: NAI INSEE CHANDRASTITYA, Department of Agriculture, Bangkok

Associate: M. L. JIDJEUA KAMBHU, Ministry of Agriculture, Bangkok


Member: PHILIPPE ZUTTER, Counsellor of- Legation, Federal Political Department, Berne

Alternate: HANS-PETER KELLER, Assistant Director, Division of Agriculture, Berne

Associates: ERNST DURTSCHI, President, Union of Agricultural Co-operative Associations of Switzerland, Berne
ERNST GEYER, Secretary, Swiss Union of Commerce and Industry, Berne
EMIL HESS, Inspector General of Forests, Berne
OSKAR HOWALD, Professor, Director of the Swiss Peasants' Union, Berne
JAKOB LANDIS, Director, Division of Agriculture, Berne
L. MULLER Director, Swiss Union of Consumers Co-operatives, Berne
ALBERT SCHLATTER Inspector of Forests, Berne
M. TROILLET, Deputy, States Council, President of Conference of Directors of Agriculture, Berne
H. G. WINKELMANN, Director, Swiss Association of Forestry Economies, Berne

Alternate Associates, and Advisers: J. L. BARRELET, Deputy, States Council; Member, Conference of Directors of Agriculture, Berne
ANDRE BOREL, Assistant Director, Swiss Peasants' Union, Berne
JEAN ELSENER Secretary General, Swiss Federation of Workers of Commerce, Transport and Agriculture, Berne
LOUIS MAIRE, Director of United Dairies of Geneva, Geneva
FRITZ REAL, Secretary of Legation, Division of Commerce, Berne

Secretary: CHARLES MULLER Federal Political Department, Berne


Union of South Africa

Member: P. R. VILJOEN, High Commissioner for the Union of South Africa in Canada, Ottawa

Alternate: P. J. DU TOIT, Director of Veterinary Services, Pretoria

Associates: S. J. J. DE SWARDT, Chief, Division of Economies and Markets, Department of Agriculture, Pretoria
R. J. SMIT Chief, Division of Nutrition and Health Education, Ministry of Health, Pretoria
A. J. DU PLESSIS, Division of Economics and Markets, Department of Agriculture, Pretoria

Secretary: Miss JOAN ADAMS, Office of High Commissioner, South Africa House, London

United Kingdom

Member: EDITH SUMMERSKILL, M.P., Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Food, London

Alternate: Sir DONALD VANDEPEER Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, London
Associates: H. G. M. BASS, Commonwealth Relations Office, London
M. E. BATHURST, Legal Department, Foreign Office, London
P. N. R. BUTCHER, Ministry of Health, London
D. CAPLAN, Board of Trade, London
SIR GERARD CLAUSON, Colonial Office London
P. D. H. DUNN, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, London
Sir RALPH ENFIELD, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, London
T. G. GISBORNE, Government of Southern Rhodesia
D. A. E. HARKNESS Ministry of Agriculture For Northern Ireland, Belfast
H. L. JENKYNS, Treasury, London
F. J. LAWTON, Ministry of Food, London
M. R. METCALF Ministry of Food, London
B. S. PLATT, Ministry of Health, London
H. B. SHEPHERD, Foreign Office, London
A. C. SPARKS, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, London
Sir HERBERT STEWART, British Middle East Office, Foreign Office, London

Joint Secretaries: H. S. BARNES, Ministry of Agriculture, and Fisheries, London
C. J. BOOSEY, Ministry of Food, London

United States of America

Member: NORRIS E. DODD, Under-Secretary of Agriculture, Washington

Alternate: LESLIE A. WHEELER, Director, Office of Foreign Agricultural Relations, Department of Agriculture, Washington
WILLIAM A. JUMP, Director, Office of Budget and Finance, Department of Agriculture, Washington

Congressional Adviser: ELMER THOMAS, United States Senate, Washington
MILTON R. YOUNG, United States Senate, Washington
REID F. MURRAY, United States House of Representatives, Washington

Advisers: A. W. ANDERSON, Chief, Division of Commercial Fisheries, Department of the Interior, Washington
HOMER L. BRINKLEY, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, Washington
EDWARD G. CALE, Associate Chief, Division of International Relations, Department of State, Washington
Mrs. URSULA DUFFUS, Division of International Organizational Affairs, Department of State, Washington
FOSTER F. ELLIOTT, Associate Chief, Bureau of Agricultural Economies, Department of Agriculture, Washington
ALBERT S. GOSS, Master, The National Orange, Washington
Miss HELEN HALL, Chairman, National Association of Consumers; Director, Henry Street Settlement, New York
EDWARD D. HOLLANDER, Chief, Labor Economies Staff, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor, Washington
CHARLES E. JACKSON, General Manager, National Fisheries Institute, Washington
EDWARD I. KOTOK Assistant Chief, Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Washington
WILLIAM V. LAMBERT, Administrator, Agricultural Research Administration, Department of Agriculture, Washington
PIERRE LANDRY, American Paper and Pulp Association, Washington
CHARLES E. LUND, Chief, Foodstuffs Division, Office of International Trade, Department of Commerce, Washington
W. RAYMOND OGG, Director, Washington Office, American Farm Bureau Federation, Washington
ROBERT B. SCHWENGER, Office of Foreign Agricultural Relations, Department of Agriculture, Washington

Observer: HOWARD R. COTTAM Agricultural Attaché Rome

Technical Secretary: DUNCAN WALL Special Assistant to Director, Office of Foreign Agricultural Relations Department of Agriculture, Washington

Executive Secretary: HENRY F. NICHOL, Division of International Conferences, Department of State, Washington


Member: ROBERTO E. MACEACHEN, Ambassador to Great Britain, London

Alternates: ALBERTO MUNILLA Secretary, National FAO Committee Montevideo
ROBERTO GRANA Financial Attaché, Paris
MARCOS BRONDI Agricultural and Commercial Attaché, Paris

Secretary: ANTONIO DI PASCA, Consul, Geneva


Member: R. PINTO SALVATIERRA, Director-General, Ministry of Agriculture, Caracas Alternate: HORACIO BLANCO FOMBONA, Minister to Switzerland, Berne

F.P.R. Yugoslavia

Member: DUSAN DOHCEVIC, Professor, University of Belgrande, Pravni, Fakultet




Observer: M. SCHIEPETTO, Economic Adviser to Argentine Diplomatic Missions in Europe, Geneva


Observer: LAZARE TOCHKOFF, Consul-General, Geneva

Adviser: LUBEN PENTCHEFF, Vice-Consul, Geneva


Observer: A. G. POUREVALY, Minister for Iran at Berne


Observers: CAIUS VALEANO, Counsellor, Rumanian Legation, Berne
ALFRED ANDRONIU, Counsellor on Special Assignment for all United Nations activities in Geneva, Rumanian Legation, Berne


Chief Observer: GUNNAR LANGE Under-Secretary of Agriculture, Stockholm

Alternates: O. SODERSTROM, Chief, State Food Commission, Stockholm

Advisers: F. L. H. JOHANSSON, Board of National Forests, Stockholm
E. JANSSON, Secretary, Trade Union of Farm Laborers, Stockholm
H. M. E. NAESLUND, Head of Swedish Forest Research Institute, Stockholm
E. V. SUNDSTROM, Swedish Farmers' Association, Stockholm
N. A. SVENSSON, Assessor, Court of Appeal; Secretary, National Farmers' Union, Stockholm

Adviser/Secretary: K. H. OLSON, Chief of Bureau, Ministry of Supply, Stockholm


Observers: Y. K. KARAOSMANOGLU Turkish Minister in Switzerland, Berne
NUREDDIN PINAR, Counsellor, Turkish Legation, Berne


United Nations

Head of Delegation: G. MYRDAL, Executive Secretary Economic Commission for Europe

Representatives: B. TURNER, Executive Assistant to Executive Secretary of Economic Commission for Europe
L. GROS Social Affairs Department
P. R. JUDD, Chief, Commodity Section, International Trade Secretariat, Economic Affairs Department
E. WYNDHAM WHITE, Executive Secretary, Preparatory Committee of United Nations Conference on Trade and Employment

Representative/Secretary: H. GOSSCHALK Division of Economic Stability and Development, Economic Affairs Department

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Representatives: ERNEST DE SELLIERS

International Children's Emergency Fund

Representatives: MAURICE PATE, Director
ALFRED E. DAVISON, Director of European Continental Headquarters, Paris
DONALD R. SABIN, Chief of Mission at Large

International Labor Organisation

Representatives: MUKDIM OSMAY, Chief of Agricultural Service

International Monetary Fund

Representatives: ERNEST DE SELLIERS

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization

Representatives: ANDRE DE BLONAY, Head, External Relations Section
S. N. DAS-GUPTA, Counsellor, Agricultural Science Natural Sciences Section

World Health Organization Interim Commission

Representative: DEMETRIO CASTILLO, Assistant Director of Public Health


Holy See

Representatives: GEORGES DUCOTTERD, Professor, Grangeneuve Agricultural Institute; Chief of Service, Department of Agriculture, of Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland

Pan American Union

Representatives: JOSE L. CALOM, Chief, Division of Agricultural Cooperation

General Headquarters, Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, Tokyo

Representative: MARK B. WILLIAMSON, Assistant Chief Agriculture, Division


International Bureau of Analytical Chemistry

Representative: H. F. DUPONT, Director-General

International Commission of Agricultural Industries

Representative: CH. K. BERNARD, Secretary

International Cotton Advisory Committee

Representative: LESLIE A. WHEELER, Chairman

International Council for the Exploration of the Sea

Representative: H. BLEGVAD, General Secretary

International Emergency Food Council

Representative: D. A. FITZGERALD, Secretary-General

Associate: Mrs. GLADYS M. NADEAU

International Office of Epizootics

Representative: G. FLUECKIGER, President

International Sugar Council

Representative: MARGARET SHUFELDT, Secretary

International Wheat Council

Representative: A. CAIRNS, Secretary

International Wine Office

Representative: B. SAMARAKIS, Secretary-General


International Chamber of Commerce

Representative: S. DE CHARMANT

International Co-operative Alliance

Representative: MAX WEBER, Member of Central Committee

Adviser: C. H. BARBIER, Member of Central Committee

International Federation of Agricultural Producers

Representatives: H. D. LOUWES, First President
J. TURNER, President

Associated Country Women of the World

Representative: HELEN CARLTON-SMITH, Vice-Chairman

International Council of Women

Representatives: ADRIENNE JEANNET-NICHOLET, President

International Land Workers' Federation

Representative: WALTER KWASNIK, Secretary

International Union for Child Welfare

Representative: GEORGES THELIN, Secretary-General

International Dairy Federation

Representative: A. BOREL, Director Swiss Farmers' Association

League of Red Cross Societies

Representative: L. LEDERMANN, Director Information and Publication Services, Geneva

Associations of Technical Agriculturists

Representative: E. FEISST