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Status of the World's Soil Resources. Technical Summary

Download: PDF
Year of publication: 2015
Publisher: FAO
Pages: 94 p.
Job Number: I5126
Office: Natural Resources and Environment Dept.
Corporate author: Land and Water Division
Personal author: Pennock, D.; McKenzie, N.; Montanarella, L.


This document presents a summary of the first Status of the World’s Soil Resources report, the goal of which is to make clear the essential connections between human well-being and the soil. The report provides a benchmark against which our collective progress to conserve this essential resource can be measured. The report synthesizes the work of some 200 soil scientists from 60 countries. It provides a global perspective on the current state of the soil, its role in providing ecosystem services, and the threats to its continued contribution to these services. The specific threats considered in the report are soil erosion, compaction, acidification, contamination, sealing, salinization, waterlogging, nutrient imbalance (e.g. both nutrient deficiency and nutrient excess), and losses of soil organic carbon (SOC) and of biodiversity.

In addition to the Technical Summary available on this page, the full SWSR Report has been here divided into sections and individual chapters for ease of downloading:

Also Available in: French Spanish

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