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Socio-economic Impact and Needs Assessment. Donbass, Ukraine

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Year of publication: 2015
Publisher: FAO
Pages: 66 p.
Job Number: I5171
Personal author: Angelovski, D.


The political crisis that resulted in unrest in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine evolved into a war between the post-revolutionary Ukrainian government and pro-Russian insurgents. The agricultural sector in the two oblasts has suffered enormous losses due to the conflict and ensuing instability. Prices for basic foods have increased dramatically due to disruption of trade links and a significant reduction in local production. With the high price of fuel on the market, growing insecurity, devaluation of the Ukrainian hryvnia against the US dollar, and increased transportation costs, prices for most agricultural inputs have risen. As part of the coordinated United Nations response, the Food Security Cluster has been activated and a Strategic Response Plan rolled out. Needs in the agricultural sector have been presented and the Humanitarian Response Plan needs to be adjusted based on an accurate evaluation of the situation, including needs of the conflict-affected population.

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