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Food Chain Crisis Early Warning Bulletin. January-March 2016 No.18

Alerts on threats to the food chain affecting food security in countries and regions

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Year of publication: 2016
Publisher: FAO
Pages: 38 p.
Job Number: BC540


During the period January-March 2016, Food Chain Crisis (FCC) threats are expected to occur in the regions of Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe. FCC threats will be either persisting within a country and possibly spreading to neighboring countries or will be latent and will re-emerge/amplify at a certain time. The dynamics of the FCC threats depend on a number of risk factors/drivers including agro-ecological factors (e.g. intensive farming systems, deforestation, overgrazing, etc.), climatic changes (e.g. droughts, heavy rains, heat waves, changes in vegetation cover, etc.), human behavior (e.g. cultural practices, conflicts and civil insecurity, trade, etc.) and natural disasters.

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