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Investing for Results

Introducing FAO’s Corporate Areas for Resource Mobilization

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Год издания: 2014
Номер документа: MK541


FAO’s Strategic Framework focuses on five Strategic Objectives, streamlining its priorities, results and resource allocation to accelerate the eradication of hunger, malnutrition, poverty, and the sustainable use of natural resources. Success relies on strong partnership and the mobilization of voluntary contributions in addition to FAO’s own resources. FAO now presents 11 Corporate Areas for Resource Mobilization where there is high potential to boost the delivery of concrete results at global, regional, and country level. Each area represents a call for further investment and a commitment to value for money. FAO and its partners are already achieving results in these areas through delivering on Regional Initiatives and Country Programming Frameworks (CPFs), representing agreed priorities for action between FAO and governments. Resource Partners are invited to consider where working together with us will make the most impact.

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