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Codex Committee on Food Hygiene
12/11/2018 - 16/11/2018 | Panama City, Panama


The 50th Session of the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene will be held in Panama City from November 12th-16th. The opening session will start at 9:30 am on Monday, November 12 2018.

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in English, French and Spanish during the meeting.

Wi-Fi will be available at the meeting venue so working documents and other information can also be downloaded during the meeting.


There will be one PWG on GPFH/HACCP to be held on Sunday from 09:00 – 16:00.


All participants should provide their information (names and addresses) through the online registration system by accessing the link below, latest by 31st October 2018.

Login and password for the online registration have been provided to all Codex Contact Points and Contact Point of Observers Organizations. If the login and password have not been received, please contact


The documents for the session are available in English, French and Spanish. There will be no distribution of working documents (including the report of the session) through the Codex mailing list (Codex-L) except for circular letters. All working documents, including conference room documents, information for delegates and other relevant materials, will be published on the Codex website as they become available. We kindly remind you to obtain all documentation from the Codex website prior to the meeting as not printed documents will be made available at the session.

Related documents

ItemDescriptionUpload date
Document Reference
1Provisional Agenda02/08/2018
CX/FH 18/50/1
7Proposed draft Code Practice on Food Allergen Management for Food Business Operators17/08/2018
CX/FH 18/50/7
5Proposed draft revision of the General Principles of Food Hygiene (CXC 1-1969) and its HACCP annex08/08/2018
CX/FH 18/50/5
8Proposed Draft Guidance For The Management Of (Micro)Biological Foodborne Crises/Outbreaks 23/08/2018
CX/FH 18/50/8
0.1Information for delegates04/09/2018
6Revision of the Code of Practice for Fish and Fishery Products (CXC 52-2003) and revisions of the Section on Sampling, Examination and Analysis related to histamine food safety05/09/2018
CX/FH 18/50/6
0.2Information for delegates (Visa matters)20/09/2018
9Control of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli (STEC) in Beef, Unpasteurized Milk and Cheese produced from Unpasteurized Milk, Leafy Greens, and Sprouts24/09/2018
CX/FH 18/50/9
4Information from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)28/09/2018
CX/FH 18/50/4
2Matters referred by the Codex Alimentarius Commission and/or other Codex subsidiary bodies to the Food Hygiene Committee02/10/2018
CX/FH 18/50/2
10New Work / Forward Workplan (Proposals in reply to CL 2018/35-FH)08/10/2018
CX/FH 18/50/10
3Matters arising from the work of FAO and WHO (including Joint FAO/WHO Expert Meetings on Microbiological Risk Assessment (JEMRA))15/10/2018
CX/FH 18/50/3
11All files zip collection