The Investment Action Group (IAG) functions are: Improving the effectiveness of public and private investments that support the three pillars of climate-smart agriculture. Objectives pertaining to investment may include:

  • Encouraging existing public and private investments to review their compatibility with climate smart agriculture;
  • Facilitating the identification of existing and new sources of financing for climate-smart agriculture, through leveraging new public and private investment from domestic and external (multilateral and bilateral) sources;
  • Developing methodologies and metrics to guide investment strategies;
  • Improving climate-resilience of rural and agriculture infrastructure while reducing
  • Greenhouse gases where possible;
  • Engaging government departments, institutions, farmer organizations, the private sector and agri-businesses (large and small) and others in multi-stakeholder partnerships for climate-smart investments in agriculture and food systems, including supply chains;
  • Increasing farmers’ access to weather forecasting and risk management tools, such as insurance;
  • Creating incentives for farmers, to adopt climate-smart practices, providing the best social, economic and environmental results; 
  • Development of early warning systems and contingency plans in relation to extreme weather events.