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Shrimp on your plate, is it worth it?

Overfishing and shrimp farming are of particular concern and due to the effects on emissions, lost income and environmental degradation leading to less adaptive capacity of coastal zones. Therefore, shrimp farming is an excellent candidate for a climate-smart agriculture approach.
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GACSA's new Compendium on Climate-Smart Irrigation

The Compendium on Climate-Smart Irrigation discusses the options and opportunities for each CSA pillar, identifies synergies and trade-offs between the different objectives of CSA.
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NEW GACSA Strategic Plan 2018-2022

GACSA has published it's new Strategic Plan 2018-2022, outing GACSA’s delivery model, GACSA added value, GACSA Vision and Mission statements, GACSA Strategic Objectives  and GACSA’s structure as well as expected results  
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The Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture (GACSA) is getting ready to attend the Global Climate Action Summit in California on 12-14 September 2018.

At the Global Climate Action Summit in California, GACSA is organizing a side event “The Roles of Women & Men - Gender and Climate Smart Agriculture” on Thursday, 13 September from 12:00 - 2:00PM at the Credo Restaurant (260 Pine St, San Francisco, CA 94104, USA). 

GACSA is an inclusive, voluntary and action-oriented multi-stakeholder platform on Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA).

Its vision is to improve food security, nutrition and resilience in the face of climate change. GACSA aims to catalyse and help create transformational partnerships to encourage actions that reflect an integrated approach to the three pillars of CSA... 

GACSA 'Gender and CSA' side event at the Global Climate Action Summit

On Thursday, 13 September from 12:00-2:00 at the Credo restaurant, 360 Pine St. in San Francisco at the Global Climate Action Summit, GACSA is hosting a side event on 'The Roles of Women and Men - Gender and Climate-Smart Agriculture'.  

This side event presents a multi-stakeholder panel discussion to provide policymakers, civil society, development agencies and researchers with a comprehensive set of innovative approaches and tested good practices around unlocking women and men's great potential in agriculture, food security and nutrition policies, projects and research, with stories from Africa, Asia, Central America and North America. 

The event boasts an impressive panel of speakers, with Elizabeth Henderson, a farmer and a member of the Board of Directors of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY). Federica Matteoli, Natural Resources Officer with the Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture (GACSA) Facilitation Unit. Leida Mercado, the leader of the Economics and Environment for Development Program (EEFD) at the Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE). Claudia Roessler, the Worldwide Industry Solutions Director for Agriculture with Microsoft. Faviana Scorza Aguero, Senior Advisor in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Costa Rica, and Vidhya Sriram, the Deputy Director for Knowledge Management and Research with CARE. Rima Al-Azar, the Climate-Smart Agriclture Team Leader at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations will be moderating the event. 

Recent Videos on Gender and Climate-Smart Agriculture  

12 CSA Briefs 

GACSA's Knowledge Action Group has developed 12 practice and policy briefs for the inception year of the alliance. These practice briefs are just one of many product types in the group's impressive pipeline of scholarship. These briefs are designed to focus on technical documents on specific Climate-Smart Agricultural practices. 

Please click on the links below to read the briefs:

On 19 May 2016, KAG has also presented 4 practices briefs in a webinar ''Practices to Scale-Up Climate-Smart Agriculture''.

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