GACSA Document Series

GACSA 34: GACSA Annual Forum 2017 Summary Report

GACSA 33:  GACSA Strategic Vision 2018 and Beyond 

GACSA 32: Climate Action For Agriculture Workshop Report


GACSA 31: Minutes from the Seventh Strategic Committee Meeting

GACSA 30: Minutes from the Sixth Strategic Committee Meeting 

GACSA 29: GACSA Status Report - January – June 2017 

GACSA 28: GACSA End of Year Brief (January – December 2016) 

GACSA 27: Proposal for GACSA’s participation to regional and international events in 2017

GACSA 26: Co-Chair Selection Process 

GACSA 25: Report of GACSA FU participation at COP22

GACSA 24: Overall Strategic Work Program: 2016-17

GACSA 23: Minutes of the Fifth Strategic Committee Meeting 

GACSA 22: GACSA Annual Forum 2016 Summary Report

GACSA 21: Country Case Study: Towards Selecting Suitable Measures in Response to Climate Change in Vietnam (DRAFT)

GACSA 20: Regional CSA Alliances and platforms: Information sheet The Eastern Africa CSA Platform

GACSA 19: Regional CSA Alliances and platforms: Information sheet The ASEAN Climate Resilience Network (ASEAN-CRN)

GACSA 18: Regional CSA Alliances and platforms: Information sheet The Africa CSA Alliance (ACSAA) and the NEPAD-iNGO Alliance on CSA

GACSA 17: CSA Alliances and platforms: Information sheet The Global Alliance for CSA (GACSA)

GACSA 16: Regional CSA Alliances and platforms: Information sheet. The North America CSA Alliance (NACSAA)

GACSA 15: Regional CSA Alliances and platforms: Information sheet The West Africa CSA Alliance (WACSAA)

GACSA 14: Minutes from the Third Strategic Committee Meeting

GACSA 13: Statement to Civil Society Organizations on Concerns over CSA and GACSA

GACSA 12: Co-chairs’ consultation on lessons and insights from GACSA’s Inception Year

GACSA 11: Report of the Second Strategic Committee Meeting version 1 :: 27 January 2016

GACSA 10: Report of the First Strategic Committee Meeting 

GACSA 9: Communication Strategy 2016 

GACSA 8: Action Groups Terms of Reference 

GACSA 7: Strategic Committee Members 

GACSA 6: Inception Year Work Programme 

GACSA 5: Report of First Working Meeting of the Alliance 

GACSA 4: Facilitation Unit Tors 

GACSA 3: Members List

GACSA 2: Governance Document 

GACSA 1: Framework Document 

Regional CSA Publications

Climate-Smart Agriculture in the Eastern Caribbean States – A Compendium of Stories from Farmers 

The document presents 13 case studies, in which we put a special emphasis on documenting the climate risks that the farmers sought to address and to clearly identifying the contributions of the actions to each of the three pillars of climate-smart agriculture.


Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook Summary - Second Edition

This is the Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook Booklet, highlighting each module (plus 5 new modules) included in the new digitial (website) platform. The booklet includes an overview on significants developments since the original sourcebook was printed back in 2013. 

CCFAS Stories of Success: Climate-Smart Villages in East Africa - 2017

This booklet presents some of the emerging stories of success of climate-smart agriculture technologies and practices that are positively changing the lives of smallholder farmers across East Africa. 

FAO CSA Success stories – 2014
This booklet provides examples of climate-smart systems by showcasing some FAO success stories in various countries.

FAO CSA Sourcebook - 2013
The purpose of the sourcebook is to further elaborate the concept of CSA and demonstrate its potential, as well as limitations.

CCAFS CSA Success Stories - 2013
To ensure a food-secure future, farming must become climate resilient. 

FAO original CSA concept – 2010
Agriculture in developing countries must undergo a significant transformation in order to meet the related challenges of achieving food security and responding to climate change.