Students at Cornell University collaborated with Professor Allison Chatrchyan and Federica Matteoli of the Food and Agriculture Organization, in collaboration with the Facilitation Unit of the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture (GACSA), to produce a report detailing GACSA member needs in “Scaling-Up Global Climate-Smart Agriculture.” The team analyzed results of a survey that was carried out in 2019 in a report that details the greatest barriers to successful implementation of CSA and what resources GACSA members feel they need to support regional alliances and farmers. Based on the survey results, the team also developed a more detailed set of recommendations for the GACSA Action Groups to carry out in 2021.


GACSA Compendium Climate-smart Irrigation 

Concepts, evidence and options for a climate-smart approach to improving the performance of irrigated cropping systems

The Compendium on Climate-Smart Irrigation provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and issues for sustainable irrigation development, both related and unrelated to climate change. It discusses the options and opportunities for each CSA pillar, identifies potential synergies and trade-offs between the different objectives of CSA, and underscores the importance of inclusive processes engaging stakeholders across different sectors and institutional levels.

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GACSA Compendium Climate-smart agriculture & extension

GACSA's Knowledge Action Group has developed a compendium that provides examples of more than 20 different approaches of how agricultural extension can support climate-smart agriculture, with contributions from seventeen institutions and over 30 contributors worldwide.

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CSA Practice and Policy Briefs

GACSA Practice and Policy Briefs

GACSA's Knowledge Action Group has developed 12 practice and policy briefs for the inception year of the alliance. These practice briefs are just one of many product types in the group's impressive pipeline of scholarship. These briefs are designed to focus on technical documents on specific Climate-Smart Agricultural practices. 

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GACSA Review



CGIAR/CCAFS-IRRI Practice Briefs

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Alternate Wetting and
Drying in Irrigated Rice

Conservation Agriculture:
Implementation guidance
for policymakers and investors