Webinar ”Open and Transparent Forest Data: Innovation and Technology for Climate Action”

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11 November 2020 - 11 November 2020

Date: Wednesday 11 November 2020

Time: 14:30 – 16:00 CEST

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GFOI partner FAO is organizing a webinar to explore the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) under the Paris Agreement and discuss ways to increase transparent country reporting of forest data for climate action. Check out this poster to learn more about the linkages between the ETF, climate change and forest monitoring.

A panel of experts from GFOI Lead partners FAO and Norway, will present recent innovations and technologies publicly available to support countries' journey towards transparency and open data in the forest sector., including:

- the universal access to high resolution satellited data of the tropics offered by Norway;

- the platform of the Global Forest Resources Assessment fra-data;

- the geospatial platform SEPAL;

- the FAO Hand-in-Hand initiative.

The experience of the Bangladesh Forest Information System on data management and transparency will also be presented.

This webinar is organized under the project “Building global capacity to increase transparency in the forest sector (CBIT-Forest)” aiming to strengthen capacities of developing countries to collect, analyze and disseminate forest-related data. Follow this link to register and more information on the webinar, including panellists and agenda, here.