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The FAO/INFOODS e-Learning Course on Food Composition Data aims to close the knowledge gap on food composition of nutritionists and all those generating, compiling or using food composition data. The course is designed to be primarily used in universities, as it is important that future generations of nutritionists, food scientists, dieticians, chemists analysing food components, food composition data compilers, health professionals and agronomists appreciate food composition data and use them adequately in their respective fields to improve data quality, availability and usage worldwide. The course can also be used by self-learners interested in food composition, or in conjunction with food composition courses, or within institutes for capacity development in food composition. The course is available for free. It provides a comprehensive basic knowledge and understanding of essential issues related to food composition. It is an interactive, learner-centred course organized into 14 lessons, for a total of about 10 hours of self-paced learning. The e-learning course offers a wealth of examples, exercises and case studies based on best practices.

You can download the e-learning course, access it on-line or order a CD through the FAO e-learning website.

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The FAO/INFOODS FOOD COMPOSITION STUDY GUIDE (available in English, French and Spanish) has been developed by FAO/INFOODS to reach a wide audience in need of knowledge about food composition and food biodiversity. It is intended to be used by self-learners, in conjunction with food composition courses, and by universities and schools to include food composition into their curricula.

The Food Composition Study Guide is also available in French and Spanish

NEW: Complimentary PowerPoint presentations to the Food Composition Study Guide in Portuguese

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