Green economies surge in the Apennines


The conference La Green Economy Nella Regione Appenninica (Green Economy in the Apennine region) was held at the University of Camerino on 22–23 May 2018, organized by Eurac Research, in partnership with several organizations including the Alpine Convention, in the framework of the Mountain Partnership.

Attended by the Head of Italian Delegation to the Alpine Convention, Paolo Angelini, who represented the Italian Ministry for the Environment and Vice President of Slow Food, Sonia Chellini, the conference highlighted the transboundary transferability of green practices in mountains. In particular, the conference aimed to create partnerships for sustainable innovation in the Apennine territories and to promote research initiatives aimed at stimulating an innovative development path for mountain territories. Participants from the Alps and the Apennines had a fruitful opportunity to share and learn from each other. Over 50 projects were presented, highlighting examples of outstanding national and international green innovations developed in mountain areas throughout Europe.

Filippo Favilli from Eurac Bolzano presented a project on re-introducing wolf populations in South Tyrol. He said, “The challenges of re-wilding in mountains reach across borders and require endogenous participation.” The conference offered him the opportunity to learn about innovative practices in Abruzzo from Mario Mazzocca, the undersecretary for the Abruzzo region.

“The highlight of the conference was discovering many local community initiatives, like the ‘Case delle Erbe’, a national movement based on revitalizing local traditions through the use of wild plants,” said Marco Cremonini from Rina Energy. “There is no point re-inventing good practices which already exist. The highlight for me was finding projects that involve local people and visitors to participate jointly in mountain activities that generate social, economic and environmental benefits,” he added.

Amongst others, Fabio Renzi of Fondazione Symbola commented on the truly innovative initiatives presented at the conference that have sprung up all over the Apennines and underlined the presence of a national park in itself acts as a springboard for a green economy.

The conference displayed an opportunity of inspiration and transition towards a sustainable growth model in the Apennines.

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News by Tamara Griffiths

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