FAO Kids advocate for pulses

Educational, colorful and fun! FAO’s newly launched comic strips are part of the series FAO Kids, made up of five superheroes with mundane superpowers– e.g. abundant empathy, vast knowledge, and boundless social skills. Their mission is to eradicate hunger and malnutrition, eliminate poverty and ensure sustainable use of natural resources in order to make the world a better place.

Trick, the villain, represents irresponsible human practices such as poor eating habits, food waste and overexploitation of natural resources. In an attempt to encourage children to adopt unhealthy and unsustainable practices, he comes face to face with the FAO kids who are determined to stop him. 

To mark the International Year of Pulses, the first two strips of the series teach children about the nutritional benefits of pulses and the importance of a healthy diet.

The comic strips can be read at home or in the classroom. Parents can use them as a fun tool to wet their children’s appetite for pulses, to involve them in cooking pulse-based dishes and to teach them the importance of respecting and caring for our planet’s natural resources.   

Teachers can incorporate FAO Kids into their lesson plans and engage children in open discussions and creative assignments. To download the comic strips please click here. We encourage you to use the comic strips in your home or in the classroom and to share your experience with us on the IYP blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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