This traditional Peruvian recipe incorporates delicious ingredients such as boneless short ribs, spices, and a variety of vegetables (including Loche pumpkin!), to create a comforting and filling stew. Serve the short rib stew with faba beans tacu tacu, and you’ll impress anyone at your table!
Faba Beans Peru
Unveiled at the 2015 Australian Grains Industry Conference Gala Dinner in Melbourne, IYP Australian advocate Simon Bryant announced the National Signature Dish Recipe Competition winner, "Quinoa, Black Lentil & Roasted Barley Salad with Chickpeas, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts & Pomegranate in Apple Cider Vinegar".
Lentils Australia
Tasty Mediterraneo’s Hummus recipe is savoury, creamy and smooth. A healthy vegan and gluten free appetizer rich in fibre and protein. It is perfect served with bread and/or fresh raw vegetables (carrots, peppers…) to dip in.
Chickpeas Lebanon
We Brits consume over 2 million cans of baked beans every day, although people rarely get down to making their own from scratch, homemade Baked Beans are an absolute treat. There are plenty of ways to jazz up your beans too, whether you use the convenience of a can or...
Dry Beans United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Stone Soup is a comfort dish acting as main course. It is made from local traditional farmer’s production, including meat, potatoes and beans. This recipe originates from Almeirim, Portugal, a town of 12,000 inhabitants. They are most famous in Portugal for their melons, wine, tomatoes and Sopa de Pedra. The...
Dry Beans