Tools and tips

The FAO IYS communications toolkit provides tools and suggestions for informing and engaging the public in soil-related activities.  Read through the texts provided in this section for key infomation and tips. Use the toolkit videos, photos and promotional materials to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of soils. Share these materials with community institutions such as schools, local farmers’ associations and businesses. Make them available to local or national media outlets and government offices. 

Learn more about why soils are important and how they are endangered. Help spread the word about why healthy soils mean healthy lives!

Key messages
The key messages are designed to suggest key content for presentations, interviews and published material.

Soil facts

Do your part and share these interesting facts about soils in one click!

Social media cheat sheet
Help us spread the word on social media! Like/retweet/share IYS 2015 content that is posted on FAO social media accounts via your personal accounts or if you’re an FAO staff member, via other corporate twitter accounts.

Information material
Check out this section for useful resources about soils.

Download the IYS 2015 logo
Download the IYS 2015 logo in high and low resolution. The logo is available in the six FAO official languages and many others.

Logo guidelines
Find out more about how to use the IYS logo.

This section offers key FAO reading material on a range of topics and issues related to soils for both the general reader and policy-makers.

Outreach suggestions
A brief list of suggested audiences and activities to target in outreach activities.

What is soil made of? How do we classify soils? What is soil degradation? How do soils contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation? These are just some of the questions you will find answered in the FAQs. Visit this section to find out more about soils. 

Come back soon! The communication toolkit will be updated regularly throughout the year.