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Prácticas de conservación
El suelo nos interesa a todos, tenemos que cuidarlo

El suelo fuente de nutrientes

Animation about soils and the environment for children

The Importance of Lios
IPNI partnered with students from the University of Georgia Dramatic Media Department to develop a short stop-motion, animated educational video to promote the International Year of Soil. This eight-minute video, called ‘The Importance of Lios’ is directed towards the public. It demonstrates the importance of earthworms in healthy soil and subtly promotes the vital role of plant nutrients and balanced soil fertility.
Agricultura de conservación
Tema dedicado a la Agricultura de Conservacion. Video grabado durante el concierto que ofreció Cubanos en la Red el 22 de abril de 2015 en el Salon Rosado de La Tropical, en La Habana, en ocasión del Día de la Tierra.

Tackling deforestation, the main challenge
In this interview Mr. Theodor Friedrich, FAO Representative in Cuba, stresses the importance of forest conservation. Soils degradation has heavy consequences on global food security.
Better Save Soil
This film by Uli Streckenbach is the continuation of the film “Let’s Talk about Soil” premiered at the first Global Soil Week.
Is there enough soil to feed a planet of cities?
"Is there enough soil to feed a planet of growing cities?"A research by Roberto D'Autilia and Ilaria D'Ambrosi Formulas - Mathematics Laboratory Department of Architecture - University Roma Tre.

Global Soils Week-Regional Perspectives: North Africa and the Near East
Daniel Dale, Land Management and Tenure Officer for FAO based at the Regional Office for North Africa and the Near East in Cairo, Egypt.
Global Soils Week-Regional Perspectives: Latin America and the Caribbean
Jan VanWambeke is a senior soils officer for FAO based at the regional office in Santiago, Chile. In the following interview he elaborates on the issues concerning soil in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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