Work Plan Implementation
October 1986
Report of the National Consultative Meeting on Aquaculture Engineering
2 –5 October 1985


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Under the auspices of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center/Aquaculture Department (SEAFDEC/AQD), a National Consultative Meeting on Aquaculture Engineering was held at the Tigbauan Research Station of the SEAFDEC/AQD on 2–5 October 1985. This was part of the continuing collaboration between the FAO/UNDP South China Sea Fisheries Development and Coordinating Programme (SCSP) and SEAFDEC.

Since 1985, the FAO/UNDP-SCSP terminated and its continuing activities were taken over, in part, by the ASEAN/UNDP/FAO Regional Small-Scale Coastal Fisheries Development Project. As its part in this collaborative effort with SEAFDEC/AQD, the report on the meeting is being published by this Project so that it can be disseminated to participants and the Fisheries Departments and other interested parties in the participating countries. Although this was started as a national activity, examination of the papers showed that the subjects taken up are of general and regional interest. It is hoped that this report can serve a useful purpose in the participating countries and likewise stimulate similar activity in the future.

This Project is grateful to SEAFDEC/AQD for supporting the holding of the Meeting and for cooperating in the compilation of this report so that it can be prepared for publication. Dr. H. R. Rabanal, consultant for this Project assisted in editing this report.

Chief Technical Adviser

ASEAN/UNDP/FAO Regional Small-Scale Coastal Fisheries Development Project
Manila, Philippines
October 1986

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AS/AE-CM/85/CP-1 Martinez, E.S. Layout and design of pond system aquaculture projects
2 Serna, L.H. Layout and designs of brackishwater pond system aquaculture projects
3 Abordo, A.A. Modification of a 2½-ha brackishwater fishpond for bangos and shrimp culture
4 Alferez, V.N. Layout and design of pond systems: The ZFC shrimp culture project
5 Palma, H.A. An overview of San Miguel Corporation outgoing shrimp culture operations (Not issued)
6 Yu, O.K. Layout and design of aquaculture projects: Pen and cage systems
7 Misagal, A.E. Recommended design for fishpens and fishcages under the Laguna de Bay Fishpen Development Project of the Laguna Lake Development Authority
8 Traviña, V.S. Design and construction of a fishpen for an aquaculture-based social laboratory
9 Vizcarra, A.T. The evaluation of hydraulic characteristics of some fish culture tanks
10 Platon, R.R. Application of engineering scale-up principles in aquaculture
11 Tillo, S.R.A. The saltwater system at the Tigbauan Research Station of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, Aquaculture Department
12 Sison, R.C. Precast concrete in construction
13 Guevara, A.V. Precast gates for pond construction
14 Torres, Jr., P.L., W. Barros, S.J. Jaspe and L. Oniate. Use of ferrocement as secondary gates for fishponds
15 Torres, Jr., P.L., S.J. Jaspe, L. Oniate and A. Silomenio. Comparative performance of three propeller blades used for push pumps
16 Gavieta, P.M. Aeration system at the Tigbauan Research Station of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, Aquaculture Department (SEAFDEC/AQD)
17 Yaptangco, Jr., J.P. A search for a viable fishpond aeration system
18 Espinosa, J.R. Application of electronics in aquaculture
19 Subosa, P.F. Pond liming and liming materials for brackishwater ponds
20 Mendoza, Jr., M. What to do to improve existing small saltfarms and the potential of using concentrated brine for Artemia producution



1. List of participants
2. Statements/remarks of guests
3. Minutes of the meeting for the formation of an association of aquaculture engineers