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The consultancy was executed within the framework of the Special Programme for Food Security (SPFS), Small-holder Water Use and Irrigation component in Zambia. The objectives were to train extension officers on improved horticultural practices and Integrated Plant Nutrition Systems (IPNS). The tasks to be accomplished were:

(i) To review SPFS documents on improved horticultural practices and derive practical applications for small-holder farmers.

(ii) To prepare training material suitable for extension staff and farmers on improved horticultural practicals.

(iii) To prepare a briefing for Technical Services Branch Staff on improved horticultural practices.

(iv) To conduct training courses for extension staff (EST1) in five provinces Lusaka, Central, Southern, Eastern and Western.

(v) To support the execution of Farmers Training on horticultural practices.

The exercise commenced on first March to review FAO/SPFS horticultural documents and preparation of teaching material. The review of the SPFS documents assisted to identify the current horticultural practices by the small holders. The constraints and gaps to improved horticultural practices were identified. A brief on improved horticultural practices was prepared and presented to the technical staff during the first Technical Staff Training on 18th March, 1998. The topics for the first extension Staff Training (EST1) on improved horticultural practices were presented and discussed. The Technical Officers discussed and agreed on the implementation of the first extension staff training for the five provinces.

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