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3. Insecticides and application equipment for tsetse control, 1977 (E* F*)

4. New feed resources, 1977 (E/F/S*)

5. Bibliography of the criollo cattle of the Americas, 1977 (E/S*)

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7. Environmental impact of tsetse chemical control, 1977 (E* F*)

7 Rev. Environmental impact of tsetse chemical control, 1980 (E*)

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10. Treating straw for animal feeding, 1978 (C* E* F* S*)

11. Packaging, storage and distribution of processed milk, 1978 (E*)

12. Ruminant nutrition: selected articles from World Animal Review, 1978 (C* E* F* S*)

13. Buffalo reproduction and artificial insemination, 1979 (E***)

14. The African trypanosomiases, 1979 (E* F*)

15. Establishment of dairy training centres, 1979 (E*)

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20/2. Trypanotolerant livestock in West and Central Africa, 1980 Vol. 2 - Country studies (E* F*)

21. Guidelines for dairy accounting, 1980 (E*)

22. Recursos genéticos animales en América Latina, 1981 (S*)

23. Disease control in semen and embryos (E* F* S*)

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26. Camels and camel milk, 1982 (E*)

27. Deer farming, 1982 (E*)

28. Feed from animal wastes: feeding manual, 1982 (E*)

29. Echinococcosis/hydaticosis surveillance, prevention and control: FAO/UNEP/WHO guidelines, 1982 (E*)

30. Sheep and goat breeds of India, 1982 (E*)

31. Hormones in animal production, 1982 (E*)


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