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26 The development of the "Option 9" timber supply plan, which placed new limits on harvesting in National Forests in the United States of America and temporary log export bans imposed in Sabah and Sarawak.

27 A historical analysis of past trends is, however, somewhat difficult to interpret, because the quality of forest products may have changed markedly in the past within each broad forest product category.

28 Sugi is one of the main species grown in forest plantations in Japan.

29 According to the Investor's Business Daily (Sweden Goes South, May 27, 1997) Sweden has the highest taxes of any industrial country:

30 The rates shown here have been extracted from a variety of recent sources. Some countries' taxation rates may, however, have changed between writing this and going to press.

31 In statistical terms, risk is measured generically as the standard deviation of annual returns arising from a specified class of investment. More sophisticated statistical tools measuring, for example, skewness and kurtosis in the distribution of returns, are also utilised in risk analysis.

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