Arabica coffee manual for Lao-PDR


Edward Winston, Jacques Op de Laak
Tony Marsh, Herbert Lempke and
Keith Chapman


FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


Table of Contents

Arabica coffee manual for Lao-PDR
First published August 2005

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ISBN: 974-7946-78-5
Includes index
Arabica coffee manual for Lao-PDR - Edward Winston, Jacques Op de Laak, Tony Marsh, Herbert Lempke, Keith Chapman.

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Coffee plant & site selection

Factors affecting yield and quality

Genotype species and varieties to plant
Varieties to plant
Environment (site selection)

The coffee plant and its management

Nursery practices

Select the seed
Keep records
Nursery record book
When to start the nursery

Calculate the amount of seed and the area required

Build the nursery shelter & beds
Plant the seed
Transplant into bags

Prepare potting mixture
Choose the seedlings
Plant seedlings in bags
Care for seedlings

Nursery diseases and pests

Field management & planting trees

Preparing the field

Prepare the land
Plant windbreaks
Establish shade trees

Planting the coffee trees

When to plant
Prepare the holes
Choose the plants
Planting procedure

Field management of young trees

Protect from frost
Control weeds and mulch plants
Water plants

Plant nutrition & fertiliser management

Soil and leaf analysis
Fertiliser programme
Nutrient deficiency symptoms

Pruning and tree management


Full stumping

Intercropping in young coffee

Harvesting and processing

Processing fresh cherry

Coffee processing methods
Summary of processing factors affecting coffee quality

Quality and OTA guidelines for Lao-PDR

Quality assessment

Quality assessment & improvement

Cup quality evaluation of Lao coffees
Quality evaluation process

Quality and export standards

Understanding coffee quality standards

Pests and diseases

Insect pests

Green coffee scale
Coffee berry borer
Leaf miner

Nursery diseases

Cercospora leaf spot (brown eye spot)

Field diseases and disorders

Cercospora (berry blotch & brown eye spot)
Coffee leaf rust
Sooty mould
Overbearing or dieback

Natural enemies and IPM

Natural enemies and IPM

Main predators
Other predators

Crop/Phenological cycle for Arabica coffee in Lao

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