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Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Forest Invasive Species Conference

Kunming, Yunnan Province, China
17 - 23 August 2003

Edited by Philip McKenzie, Chris Brown,
Sun Jianghua and Wu Jian

Bangkok, 2005


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Table of Contents


Invasive species: an overview

Introductory session

Opening session
Introductory remarks - Patrick B. Durst, Senior Forestry Officer, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Bangkok, Thailand
Introductory remarks - Jerome S. Beatty, Deputy Director, USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Protection

Technical presentations

A global perspective on forest invasive species: the problem, causes, and consequences - Sally Campbell, PNW Research Station, USDA Forest Service, Portland, Oregon, USA
Alien forest pests and management practices in China - Wei Diansheng, Department of Silviculture, State Forest Administration, Bejing, China
Pest risk assessments and incursion pathways - Allan T. Bullard. Director, Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team, USDA Forest Service
FAO activities related to invasive species in forestry - Simmathiri Appanah, FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand
Ecological and economic impacts of invasive species - Chris Baddeley, Team Leader Biosecurity Policy, New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) - Greg Stubbings, National Manager, Forestry Section, Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Key elements in developing a forest invasive species biosecurity strategy for Australia - Mike Cole, Office of the Chief Plant Protection Officer (OCCPO), Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF)
Managing invasive species: the threat to oil-palm and rubber - the Malaysian plant quarantine regulatory perspective - B.O. Asna and H.L. Ho, Crop Protection and Plant Quarantine Division, Department of Agriculture (DoA), Malaysia
When good trees turn bad: the unintended spread of introduced plantation tree species in India - K.V. Sankaran, S.T. Murphy and M.A. Sreenivasan, Kerala Forest Research Institute, India CABI Bioscience, UK Centre (Ascot), United Kingdom
Acacias - are they a threat as invasive species in the wet tropics? - B. Krishnapillay, H.C. Sim and M.A.A. Razak, Asia-Pacific Association of Forestry Research Institutes Forest Research Institute of Malaysia
Pine wood nematode (Bursaphelenchus xylophilus) and other forest pathogens in Japan - Shigeru Kaneko, Kansai Research Center, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Japan
Assisted natural regeneration: countering the impact of Imperata grass infestation in the Philippines - Peter Walpole, Director, Institute of Environmental Science for Social Change, Manila, Philippines

Country reports

Forest invasive species strategies in Australia - Michael Cole, Office of the Chief Plant Protection Officer (OCCPO), Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF)
Cambodia: The Mimosa pigra report - Samreth Vanna and Ket Nang, Department of Forestry and Wildlife Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fishery
Forest Invasive Species: Country Report - P. R. China - Sun Jianghua, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Forest invasive species: country report - Fiji - Inoke Wainqolo and Visone Timote, Fijian Forestry Department Fiji Quarantine Inspection Service
Forest invasive species: country report - India - Shekhar Kumar Niraj, Ministry of Environment and Forests
The invasion of Acacia nilotica in Baluran National Park, East Java, and its control measures - R. Garsetiasih and Hendrik Siubelan, Researcher of Forest and Nature Conservation Research and Development Centre, Bogor, Indonesia Head of Baluran National Park, East Java, Indonesia
Forest Invasive Species in Lao PDR - Thongphath Leuangkhamma and Vongdeuane Vongsiharath Department of Forestry
Forest invasive species country paper - Nepal - Madhusudan Bista and Mahendra Prasad Chaudhary, Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation Plant Quarantine Service
A status report on some invasive forest species in Papua New Guinea - Robert Kiapranis and Patrick Nimiago, PNG Forest Research Institute, Papua New Guinea
Country report on forest invasive species in the Philippines - N.T. Baguinon, M.O. Quimado and G.J. Francisco, University of the Philippines, Los Baños Forest Management Bureau, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)
Status of forest invasive species in Sri Lanka - N.D.R. Weerawardane and J. Dissanayake, Forest Department Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
Invasive species in the United States of America - 2003 - David F. Thomas, Forest Health Protection, USDA Forest Service
Country report on the forestry invasive species situation in Vanuatu - Ruben Bakeo and Francis Qarani, Department of Forests, Department of Quarantine
Forest invasive species and their impacts on afforestation in Viet Nam - Pham Quang Thu, Forest Protection Research Division, Forest Institute of Viet Nam

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