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Invasive species have a long history of causing damage to forests in Asia and the Pacific, and a variety of infestations are currently having significant impacts in a number of countries. The damage caused by invasive species imposes enormous costs on the forests of the region in terms of ecological destruction, economic losses and detrimental social effects.

To begin to address the challenges of forest invasive species, the Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission convened the Asia-Pacific Forest Invasive Species Conference, 17-23 August 2003, in Yunnan Province, China. The conference provided opportunities to share experiences and knowledge relating to the threats of invasive species to forests and forest products - and to develop proposals for regional cooperation and action in addressing invasive species problems.

This publication provides an overview of the results of the workshop and includes a summary of the technical presentations, as well as papers describing country initiatives related to invasive species.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Chinese Academy of Sciences
State Forestry Administration of China
USDA Forest Service

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