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Facilitator Evaluation of Population Education Pilot Curriculum


(Insert appropriate name and address )

The population education materials you have been using are in pilot form. You can help design  the final form by completing and returning this evaluation to the address above by    (date) . When complete, fold on the dotted lines, staple or tape closed, and mail (insert appropriate directions for your specific situation) .   If you wish, make comments on the draft curriculum materials, fold them inside this form, and return them to us as well. Thanks for your help!

Curriculum Title    No. of Youth    Age Range      Males     Female

Group or location  __________  I have been a youth volunteer/facilitator_____ years.

Circle The Number On The Scale Below Which Best Represents Your Thoughts About This Facilitator's Guide.

 1.   Learner interest in this topic:
4 -very interested    3 -somewhat interested 2 -low interest 1 -no interest
2. Length of the learning experience:
4 -too long enough  3 -long enough 2-a little brief 1 -not nearly long
3. Difficulty of the material for youth:
4 -too hard 3 -challenging 2-a little simple 1-too easy
4. Number of activities suggested:
4 -far too many to accomplish 3 -plenty to choose from 

2-not quite enough

1-not nearly enough
5. Variety and appropriateness of activities:
4 -members really liked all activities  3 -they enjoyed most activities 2-a few activities were satisfactory 1-youth didn't like them at all
6. Ideas for exhibits and demonstrations:
4-plenty of excellent ideas 3 -some were pretty good 2 -a few acceptable ideas    1 -very weak ideas
7. Helps youth develop social skills with others their own age:
4-very helpful 3-fairly helpful     2-not too helpful 1-not helpful
8. Helps youth learn about their own abilities and limits:
4-extremely helpful   3-fairly helpful 2-not too helpful 1-not helpful
9. Usefulness of knowledge, skills, and values in this learning experience:
4-should be useful throughout life   3-some may have  longtime usefulness  2-of very little use beyond this meeting  1-not useful beyond this
10. Relationship of learning experience to current interests of youth:
4-very current   3-some parts of interest   2-little current interest  1-dull
11. Encourages learners to be involved in setting goals:
4-very much so 3-mostly   2-occasionally  1-not at all
12. Challenges learners, but allows them to experience success:
4-consistently   3-mostly  2-occasionally    1-seldom
13. Was it clear to you and your learners how they would be different as a result of the experience? What they would know, value, or be able to do?
4-Very clear  3-fairly clear  2-somewhat unclear 1-unclear
14. Was the emphasis in this facilitator's guide on first experiencing a learn-by-doing activity; then sharing, processing and generalizing; then applying what was learned?
4-Consistently  3-generally  2-occasionally 1-not at all
15. Was what your group learned worth the time and effort it took?
4-Absolutely! 3-I suppose   2-probably not    1-no

If this was a written product, was the readability, layout, typeface, and illustrations suitable for you and or your group members?

4-Excellent 3-pretty good  2-kind of dull  1-boring
17. Was there a good sequence from easiest to hardest parts of the concepts and activities?
4-Excellent   3-quite acceptable 2-not very good  1-not good at all
18. Did this member's guide involve significant other adults, family, and community resources? 
4-Very much so 3-pretty much 2-a little bit 1-not at all
19. Did you focus on youth learning by discovery, rather than providing information? 
4-Very much so 3-pretty much  2-a little bit 1-not at all
20. Did you enjoy being a facilitator in this experience?
4 -Very much so  3 -pretty much 2 -occasionally     1 -not at all
21 Would you be willing to lead this experience again?
4-Absolutely  3-probably 2-not likely  1-never

Please add additional comments you feel would help improve the curriculum product on the other side of this form. Include items you would like to see changed, added, or taken out of the materials.

Adapted from: Curriculum Development for Issues Programming: A National Handbook for Extension Youth Development Professionals.  USDA/ES, 1992.

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