16–18 October 2007, Chiang Mai, Thailand


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Bangkok, 2009

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Background and overview
Opening session
  Welcome address
J.P.L. Srivastava
  Governor’s address
Pyroj Sangpuvong
  Presidential address
Paisal Kuwalairat
  Society, forests and change — creating a better future
Jan Heino
  The world’s forests — an evolving perspective on politics, policies and practices
Jagmohan S. Maini
Session 1: Forestry in Asia and the Pacific — overview
  Whither the forests of Asia and the Pacific?
Mette Løyche Wilkie
  Future prospects for production and trade in tropical timber
Ahma bin Buang
Session 2: Driving forces and key issues for Asia–Pacific forestry
  Challenging forestry issues in Asia and their strategies
Don K. Lee
  Emerging issues in Pacific Island Countries and their implications for sustainable forest management
Suliana Siwatibau
  Policy and institutional issues
Jagdish Kishwan
Session 3a: Societal transition and social developments1
  Is there a future role for forests and forestry in reducing poverty?
Thomas Enters, Mark Sandiford, Yurdi Yasmi and John Guernier
  The future of forest-dependent indigenous communities in Asia and the Pacific
Peter Walpole and Kumiko Shimamoto-Kubo
  Lessons learned from new initiatives in forest management
Neela Mukherjee
  Communities in conservation: protected area management and enhanced conservation in Bangladesh
Sharif Ahmed Mukul and Shimona A. Quazi
Session 3b: Forests and the environment
  Payments for environmental services from forests
Rodel D. Lasco and Grace B. Villamor
Session 3c: Wood and other products
  Trends and outlook for forest product markets in Asia and the Pacific
Adrian Whiteman and Ragnar Jonsson
  The future of non-wood forest production
B.K. Tiwari, C. Kumar and M.B. Lynser
  Forestry and bioenergy in Asia and the Pacific
Chris J.K. Perley
  Role of agroforests and small-scale production forestry in employment generation and environmental conservation
P.P. Bhojvaid
Session 4: Dynamics between protected areas and economic use
  Emerging trends in protected area management
Ghazala Shahabuddin
  Agricultural land use in Asia and the Pacific
Yuji Niino
Session 5: Impacts of globalization on forests and forestry in Asia and the Pacific
  Global market impacts on Asia–Pacific forests in 2020
Andrew Morton and Graham Applegate
  Corporate private sector dimensions in planted forest investments
Dennis Neilson
Session 6: Macrotrends for the twenty-first century
  Economic growth and social trends in Asia and their implications for Asia’s forests
Shiladitya Chatterjee
Session 7a: Regional implications of national changes — some major influences2
  The outlook for forests and forestry in China
Lu De
  The outlook for forests and forestry in Japan
Hiro Miyazono
  India’s outlook on forests: the regional context
Ram Prasad
  The future of forests in Asia and the Pacific: an Australian perspective
Adam Gerrand
Session 7b: Modeling and scenario building: the outlook for forestry in Asia and the Pacific
  Emerging scenarios in the Asia–Pacific pulp and paper sector to 2020: a preliminary assessment of implications for wood demand and land use
Chris Barr and Brian Stafford
  Policy solutions to illegal logging: a forest sector model analysis
Steven Northway and Gary Q. Bull
  Environmental performance assessment in the Greater Mekong Subregion
Lothar Linde, Iain Watson and Tonnie Tekelenburg
  Future forest and biodiversity impact: biodiversity modeling and scenario analyses
Wilbert van Rooij and Tonnie Tekelenburg
Session 8a: Civil society perspectives on the future3
  Mitigating the corruption factor in the Asia–Pacific region
Lisa Ann Elges
  The SmartWood programme for verification of legal origin
Christian Sloth, Jeffrey Hayward and Loy Jones
  Key challenges for the NGO community to 2020
Chen Hin Keong
Session 8b: Private sector perspectives on the future
  Changes in the perception and role of foresters in the age of sustainable forest management and community participation
Peter W. Volker
  The ideal climate for a forest culture
David Rhodes
  Some key challenges to 2020 for the private sector
Barney Chan
Session 9: Adapting institutions to the future
  Are forestry institutions failing to adapt?
Maharaj Muthoo
  Institutional frameworks and organizational structures for future forest management
Ian Ferguson
  Prospects for Malaysian forest governance: an NGO perspective
Meng-Chuo Wong
Session 10: Overview of main findings and the way forward
  Summing up
Neil Byron
  Appendix 1: Conference programme
  Appendix 2: Winning entries from FAO’s Young Forestry and Development Professionals Writing Competition:
   The future of forest use and management in Asia and the Pacific: trend of change in the next 20 years
Mahbubul Alam
   The future of Nepal’s forest: the outlook for 2020
Pabitra Jha
   Sustainable forest management
Iqbal Lufti
   How will the use and management of forest and trees change Viet Nam over the next 20 years?
Dang Thuy Nga
   The use and management of trees and forests in Himachal Pradesh, India in the next 20 years
Pushpendra Rama

1 Sessions 3a, 3b and 3c were conducted in parallel under the theme of "balancing economic, environmental and social functions".
2 Sessions 7a and 7b were conducted in parallel under the theme of "geographic and technical perspectives".

3 Sessions 8a and 8b were conducted in parallel under the theme of "non-government perspectives".