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Regular Programme   US$000  
  Programme of Work 52,486  
  Adjustments to Programme of Work arising out of Budgetary Transfers 2,985  
  Final Programme of Work 55,471  
  Expenditure against Final Programme of Work 55,457  
  Variance of Expenditure (Over)/Under Final Programme of Work 14  
  Budgetary Transfers as percent of Programme of Work 5.7%  

417.     This chapter covers common services: communications, procurement, building maintenance and security at headquarters. These services are managed by the Administrative Services Division (AFS).

418.     Purchasing operations decreased to a more “normal”, but sustained level of US$ 220 million during 2004-05 after the large increase in the previous biennium to over US$ 1.1 billion, when expenditures on emergencies, particularly the Iraq Oil-for-Food programme, accounted for a high of 96.5% of all purchasing. However, emergency procurement continued to constitute a major portion of purchasing work during 2004-05.

419.     The Italian Ministry of Public Works successfully completed the renovation of the David Lubin Library in Building A in line with the European Fire Safety and Evacuation laws.

420.     In compliance with the new MOSS adopted by the UN system, FAO increased its safety and security at headquarters by taking a number of steps including new access control procedures, an increase in the number of guards and anti-intrusion equipment. Specific security measures implemented at an unbudgeted cost of US$ 1.4 million included: installation of road blockers at all FAO entrances; installation of fragment retention windows film; and purchase of turnstiles (installed in 2006).

421.     Work continued on strategies for Digital Records Management System (DRMS) implementation in the framework of the registry reform.

Table 6.1: Common Services (selected indicators)

Description 2002-03 2004-05  
Contractual services
Contracts awarded/revised 1,796 1,331  
Total value, US$ million 856.7 77.2  
Purchase orders handled, including field 4,562 3,963  
Total value, US$ million 309.0 139.2  
Incoming pouch bags 8,647 7,173  
Outgoing pouch bags * 25,520 20,086  
Incoming mail (letters/parcels) 52,000 48,000  
Outgoing mail (letters/parcels) 1,250,000 1,020,000  
Building maintenance
Maintenance interventions 20,046 23,000  
* In 2004-05, FAO increased the use of courier-based pouch, resulting in smaller individual dispatches.

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