Report of the Conference of FAO

First Session

City of Quebec, Canada, October 16 to November 1, 1945

Table of Contents

I. Letter to governments transmitting the report of the first session of the conference of the food and agriculture organization of the united nations

II. Officers of the first session of the conference

III. Officers of the conference and of the food and agriculture organization of the united nations

IV. Officers of commissions and commission committees of the first session of the conference

V. Delegates to the first session of the conference

VI. Report of commission A to the conference

A. Introduction
B. Nutrition and food management

A practical program for immediate action
Problems fob study in collaboration with experts in member countries
Other lines of work

C. Agriculture

Rural social welfare
Development and conservation of soil resources
Education, extension (advisory services), and exchange of technical and scientific information
Production research and techniques
Integration and coordination of agricultural programs and policies
Agricultural credit, cooperation, and related matters
Special needs for fertilizer, machinery, and pesticides
Special needs in war-devastated areas
Special needs in tropical and subtropical areas
Addendum: supplementary report on general agricultural services of FAO

D. Forestry and forest products

Forest policy
Systematic forest management
Forestry, forest products, and rural welfare
Forest products and living standards
Forest research
Forestry education
Forest-products research and utilization
Integration of forest industries and reduction of waste
Third world forestry congress
Implementation of recommendations
A world forest policy

E. Fisheries

Collection, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of information
Scientific, technological, sociological, and economic research
Improvement of education relating to fisheries and fishery industries
Conservation and development of fishery resources
Improvement of the processing, marketing, and distribution of fishery products
Adoption of policies for the provision of adequate fishery credits, national, and international
Adoption of international policies regarding commodity arrangements for fishery products
Advisory committee on fisheries

F. Marketing

Technical aspects
Pure-food and nutrient standards
Economic aspects
International cooperation
Addendum I. marketing libraries
Addendum II. Comité consultatif du marketing

G. Statistics

Organization of the statistical work
General plan of work
General considerations

VII. Report of commission B to the conference

A. Structure of FAO
B. Administration
C. Finance
D. Seat
E. Regional offices
F. Settlement of disputes
G. Relations with the united nations and with other international bodies
H. Matters for future consideration

VIII. Appendix I

A. Resolutions and recommendations adopted by the conference of FAO at its first session

Rules of procedure and financial regulations
Relations with the united nations and other international organizations
Common administrative services for specialized agencies
Financial relations with the united nations
International institute of agriculture
Comité international du Bois
Settlement of disputes
Transitional financial arrangements
Auditors' report
Regional offices
Training facilities under FAO
Matters for further consideration
Resolution on the budget

B. Budget and contributions for the first sad second years approved by the FAO conference

Budget for the first and second financial years (U. S. dollars)
Contributions, first financial year (U. S. dollars)
Second-year apportionment of contributions (percent)
First- and second- year contributions (U. S. dollars)

C. Supporting statement on the budget submitted by commission B to the conference

IX. Appendix II

A. Recommendations by the general committee

Working and official languages
Financial arrangements at the first session
Terms of appointment of the director-general

B. Statement concerning the soviet delegation

X. Appendix III

A. Rules of procedure of the food and agriculture organization of the united nations
B. Financial regulations - part I (annex I to the rules of procedure)
C. Financial regulations - part II (Temporary)
D. Constitution of the food and agriculture organization of the united nations