Production and export
of organic fruit
and vegetables in Asia


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Table of Contents


An Overview and Facts on Worldwide Organic Agriculture Organic : Trade a Growing Reality

Chapter 1: World Markets For Organic Fruit And Vegetables
Organic Markets in Europe
The North American Market
Certified Organic Fruits And Vegetables In The Japanese Market

Chapter 2: Market Access Issues: Standards And Regulations
Organic Standards in Importing Countries: Differences and Similarities
USDA's National Organic Rule
Regulations For The Importation And Labelling Of Organic Foods In Japan
Regulations For The Importation And Labelling Of Organic Foods in the European Union

Chapter 3: Producing And Exporting Organic Horticultural Products In Asia
Overview of Organic Agriculture in Asia
Assessing the Profitability of Converting to Organic Farming: Key Parameters to Analyse
Organic Vegetable Production: A Theme for International Agricultural Research

Chapter 4: Establishing An Organic Export Sector
Successful Conversion of Conventional to Organic/Biodynamic: a Case Study
China 's Market for Organic Fruits and Vegetables: Current Situation and Prospects
Organic Agriculture in Thailand
IFOAM's Role in Supporting Organic Agriculture
Role of FAO in Supporting Asian Organic Agriculture
FAO's Support to the Development of Organic Agriculture in the World 1997 to 2003
Role of the International Trade Centre
Challenges to International Harmonization of Organic Standards and Conformity Assessment Systems

Chapter 5: Conclusions And Recommendations
Strategies And Technology For Improving Production Of Organic Fruit And Vegetables In Asia - Round Table 1
Standards And Certification- How To Avoid That They Become A Barrier To Trade? - Round Table 2
How To Develop The Domestic Organic Market In Asian Countries? Round Table 3

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