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4.1   Suggestions were made for training of personnel in fisheries and establishing a fisheries training and research centre. (See Section 3.12)

4.2   Sites for possible development of fish cultural establishments were visited and rated. (See Section 3.13 and Appendix I)

4.3   Comment was made on the trout and Caspian “salmon” programme. (See Section 3.14)

4.4   Species of fish which might be stocked in warm-water ponds were suggested. (See Section 3.15)

4.5   Opportunities for culture of fish in rice fields were explored and suggestions made as to possible sites for experimentation. (See Section 3.16 and Appendix II)

4.6   Water analyses were carried out on many streams in the course of a search for possible fish culture and village pond sites. (See Section 3.2 and Appendix III)

4.7   Bottom fauna studies were conducted in a few areas as part of the training of the local counterpart. (See Section 3.22)

4.8   At the request of the Ministry of Natural Resources water quality criteria for the protection of fish and other aquatic life in Iran were prepared for translation into Farsi. (See Section 3.3 and Appendix IV)

4.9   Some suggestions were given for stocking and managing natural lakes and reservoirs. (See Appendix V)

4.10 Suggestion was made for the establishment of a single Department of Fisheries to deal with all fisheries matters. (See Section 3.4)

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