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5.1   It is recommended that a National Fish Culture Training and Research Centre be established. (See Section 3.12)

5.2   Recommendations are made for possible location of fish culture stations. (See Section 3.131)

5.3   Recommendations are also made for the possible location of village ponds and public fishing lakes. (See Section 3.132)

5.4   It is recommended that the Government consider having its own trout hatcheries. (See Section 3.141)

5.5   Indigenous and exotic species of fish that might be tried in warm-water ponds in Iran are listed. (See Section 3.15)

5.6   It is recommended that fish culture in rice fields be considered. (See Section 3.16)

5.7   It is further recommended that a Department of Fisheries be established to handle all fisheries matters. (See Section 3.4)

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