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The Forest Resources Assessment 1990 for developing Countries was supported by the Governments of Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden Switzerland and the United States (through U.S. Forest Service) as well as the European Union through a multidonor trust fund. Personnel assistance was given through the Associate Professional Officers scheme of the Governments of Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United States. Major in-kind contributions were made by cooperating institutions and individuals such as the University of Freiburg, Germany, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the United States and Environmental Protection Agency and the World Conservation Monitoring Centre (Cambridge, United Kingdom). Member countries have contributed by providing source information, by providing consultancies and expert help and by cooperating in the interpretation of remote sensing data and by reviewing the compilations made by FAO. The assessment for developing countries was conducted by a project team led by Dr. K.D. Singh at FAO, Rome.

The assessment for developed countries has been carried out in the framework of the programme of work of the Joint FAO/ECE Working Party on Economics and Statistics, a subsidiary body of the FAO European Forestry Commission and the UN-ECE Timber Committee and under the coordination of Mr. A. Korotkov of the FAO/ECE secretariat in Geneva.

The global synthesis has required considerable complementary work in order to compile a sufficiently comprehensive and comparable core of common information. This would not have been possible without the devotion of the team in which extraordinary efforts were made by Dr. K. D. Singh, Mr. A. Marzoli, Mr. A. Del Lungo, Mr. R. Drigo, Mr. M. Lorenzini, Mr. G Mu'Ammar, Mr. M. Grylle and Ms. J. Rechter. FAO Regular Programme contributions consisted of in-kind assistance and consultancies and were coordinated by Mr. K. Janz and Mr. P. So.

The Food and Agriculture Organization is greatly indebted to all those who assisted in the implementation of the global forest resources assessment 1990 by providing information, advice, facilities and funds.

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