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Tables and Figures

1 Main results of global forest resources assessment 1990
2 Geographic area and population by region
3 Land Area, forest changes and forest per caput by region
4 Total population from 1960 to 2020
5 Land requirements for agriculture
6 Volume and biomass distribution by region at the year 1990
7 Roundwood consumption
8 Distribution of protected areas (at least 1,000 ha)
9 Distribution of higher plants (including ferns, cycads, conifers and broad leaved species) by region and subregion
10 Summary of forest resources statistics by region for developed countries
11 Main forest statistics of the eastern european and russian federation countries
12 Estimates of forest area and rate of deforestation by geographical subregion
13 Comparison of 1980 forest area estimates by the FAO 1980 assessment as published in An interim report on the state of forest resources in the developing countries and the FAO 1990 assessment
14 State of forest biomass and annual losses due to deforestation
15 Estimates of forest cover area and rate of deforestation by main ecological zone
16 Pan-tropical area transition matrix for the standard period 1980-1990
17 State of forest inventory in developing countries at end 1990 - Annex 2 -
1 Socio economic data 1990
2 State of forest inventory 1990
3 Area of forest and other wooded land 1990
4 Annual changes in forest and other wooded land area, 1980-1990
5 Natural Forest Area, Volume Biomass 1990
6 Summary tables
1 Population and GNP by economic region
2 Geographic subdivision of the global forest assessment
3 Forest area and population: Distribution by region
4 Volume per caput by region
5 Main geo-referenced data used in assessing the risk of loss of biodiversity in the tropics (a: human pressure, b: main vegetation formations and c: ecological zones).
6 Importance of functions by area of public and private forest in Europe
7 Importance of hunting on public and private forest in selected countries
8 Importance of functions on public and private forests in Europe in aggregate
9 Importance of hunting on public and private forest in United States
10 Pan-tropical continuous forest resources survey design
11 Example of spatial and statistical outputs - located along Zaire/Zambia border line
12 Pan-tropical woody biomass flux diagram
13 Forest cover changes by geographic region
14 Forest changes by ecological zone
15 Forest cover state and change assessment (using existing reliable data) - Annex 2 -

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