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Country tables

These tables contain standardised country figures obtained by reappraising the country information following the definition and classification accepted for the global assessment. This is necessary because inventory specifications generally differ from country to country. The standardisation is required to secure a consistent global picture. It is not intended to replace the original country information which remain a unique source of reference.

The thematic content of the country tables are the following:

1. Socioeconomic data

2. State of forest inventory

3. Area of forest and other wooded land

4. Change in area of forest and other wooded land during 198090

5. Forest area, volume and biomass

6. Summary Table

Table 1 shows some important socioeconomic indicators of the countries including land area, population and gross national product. The land area reported is taken from the FAO Production Yearbook. Population data were obtained from FAO Statistics Division, and GNP data from World Bank statistics.

Table 2 describes the state of forest inventory. For each country the date year of surveys/inventories used as reference is reported with a list of main inventory parameters.

Table 3 provides the area of forest and other wooded land. In case of developed countries further breakdown is provided into exploitable and unexploitable forests; and in case of developing countries into natural forests and plantations.

Table 4 relates to the changes in area of forest and other wooded land. In the case of developing countries changes in area of natural forests and plantations are also given.

Table 5 shows total forest area, volume and biomass and per hectare figures. The forest biomass presented in the table refers to Total Above Ground Biomass.

Table 6 provides a summary of main results for easy reference.

Some important notes

Undisplayed Graphic Totals may not tally due to rounding

Undisplayed Graphic The following abbreviations/symbols appear in Tables

n.a. : not available

( ) : figures in parenthesis are based on secretariat guesstimates

_ : indicates a very small value

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