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The silk reeling industry in general, covers a wide range of techniques. These include handling of fresh cocoons, cocoon drying and storage, cocoon boiling and reeling, raw silk re-reeling and finishing, management of water quantity and quality, utilization of by-products and maintenance of machinery. Both continuous improvement and effective dissemination of technology for silk reeling and testing are essential to meet the increasing global demand for quality raw silk and fine silk fabric, as ever more developing countries become interested in both cocoon and silk production. The author has tabulated fundamental data and explained the basic principles of silk reeling technology so that they can be easily understood by those do not have any previous experience or knowledge of silk reeling.

This manual can also be utilized as a reference guide for silk reeling managers and staff. Furthermore, the techniques described in this manual respond favourable to bivoltine cocoons in the temperate zones. Many tropical countries are trying to adopt bivoltine cocoon reeling, which produces more quantity and better quality silk than multivoltine cocoons.

This manual also provides information on what methods of silk reeling are to be used to produce good raw silk and silks fabric. It also contains the answer on how to adjust filature processes based upon the properties of raw material cocoons. 

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