Integrated agriculture-aquaculture

A primer




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Considerations in Introducing Integrated Agriculture-Aquaculture Technology

E. Worby

Sociocultural considerations when introducing a new integrated agriculture-aquaculture technology

M.Ahmed and M.A.P. Bimbao

Economic considerations in introducing integrated agriculture-aquaculture technology

R.Noble and C.Lightfoot

Working with new entrants to integrated agriculture-aquaculture

R. Pullin

Integrated agriculture-aquaculture and the environment

Integrated Farming Systems

H.Z. Yang, Y.X. Fang and Z.L. Chen

Integrated grass-fish farming systems in China

K.H. Min and B.T. Hu

Chinese embankment fish culture

L.T. Luu

The VAC system in Northern Viet Nam

R.Sh.Hj. Ahmad

Fodder-fish integration practice in Malaysia

S.D. Tripathi and B.K. Sharma

Integrated fish-horticulture farming in India

M.V. Gupta

Culture of short-cycle species in seasonal ponds and ditches in Bangladesh

Animal-Fish Systems

S.D. Tripathi and B.K. Sharma

Integrated fish-duck farming

M.V. Gupta and F. Noble

Integrated chicken-fish farming

S.D. Tripathi and B.K. Sharma

Integrated fish-pig farming in India

F.V. Fermin

Backyard integrated pig-fish culture in the Philippines

Rice-Fish Systems

A. Ali

Low-input rice-fish farming system in irrigated areas in Malaysia

C. dela Cruz

Rice-fish systems in Indonesia

C. dela Cruz

Sawah tambak rice-fish system in Indonesia

Y. Guo

Rice-fish systems in China

L.T. Duong

Rice-prawn culture in the Mekong Delta of Viet Nam

L.T. Hung

Rice-prawn and rice-shrimp culture in coastal areas of Viet Nam

C. dela Cruz, R.C. Sevilleja and J. Torres

Rice-fish system in Guimba, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

F.V. Fermin, M.A.P. Bimbao and J.P.T. Dalsgaard

The case of rice-fish farmer Mang Isko from Dasmariñas, Cavite, Philippines

Management for Rice-Fish Culture


Site selection: where to culture fish with rice?


Preparation of field for rice-fish culture


Stocking for rice-fish culture


Feeding and maintenance in rice-fish system

J.Sollows and C. dela Cruz

Rice management in rice-fish culture


Rice-fish benefits and problems

A. Ali

The rice-fish ecosystem

M. Halwart

Fish as a component of integrated pest management in rice production

Fish Feeding and Management

R. Sevillejas, J. Torres, J. Sollows and D. Little

Using animal wastes in fishponds

S.D. Tripathi and B.K. Sharma

Sewage-fed fish culture

S.D. Tripathi and B. Karma

Biogas slurry in fish culture

S.D. Tripathi and B.K. Sharma

Plant sources of feed for fish

Fish Breeding and Nursing

S.D. Tripathi and B.K. Sharma

Carp breeding using off-season wheat fields

M.d.G.A. Khan

Nursery system for carp species

D. Little, N. Innes-Taylor, D. Turongruang and J. Sollows

Fry nursing in rice-fish systems

F. Noble

Fingerling production in irrigated paddy


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