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Regional Conference for Latin America
and the Caribbean (LARC)
31st Session
Panama City (Panama), 26-30 April 2010

Provisional List of documents Download ID
LARC/10/1 Provisional Annotated Agenda K7332E
LARC/10/2 Food and nutritional security: The Human Right to Food K7836E
LARC/10/3 Climate change and its impact in agricultural, forestry and fisheries production in Latin America and the Caribbean K7837E
LARC/10/4 Rural territorial development and its institutional implications in Latin America and the Caribbean K7838E
LARC/10/5 Report on FAO activities (2008–2009) in the Region and actions taken on the main recommendations of the 30th FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean K7950E
LARC/10/6 Matters arising from the World Summit on Food Security and the 36th Session of the FAO Conference, notably implementation of the Immediate Plan of Action (IPA), including the decentralized offices network K7477E
LARC/10/6 Add.1 Towards a New Vision for the Decentralized Offices Network K7477E
LARC/10/7 Reform of the Committee on World Food Security K7566E
LARC/10/8 Global and regional emergency issues: Risk management and reactions to emergencies in the agricultural, forestry and fisheries sectors in Latin America and the Caribbean K7808E
LARC/10/9 Implementation of the Programme of Work and Budget 2010-11 and priority action areas for the Region for the following biennium K7627E
LARC/10/10 Establishment of one global Shared Services Centre K7522E
Serie LARC/10/INF
LARC/10/INF/1 Information Note K7335E
LARC/10/INF/2 Provisional timetable K7342E
LARC/10/INF/3 Provisional list of documents K7348E
LARC/10/INF/4 Statement of the Director-General K7965E
LARC/10/INF/5 Report of the Latin American and Caribbean Forestry Commission (LACFC) K7336E
LARC/10/INF/6 Report of the Commission on Livestock Development for Latin America and the Caribbean (CODEGALAC) K7337E
LARC/10/INF/7 Report of the Western Central Atlantic Fisheries Commission (WECAFC) K7486E
LARC/10/INF/8 Report of the Commission for Inland Fisheries of Latin America (COPESCAL) K7495E
LARC/10/INF/9 Report on Codex Alimentarius and food safety in the Region K7339E
LARC/10/INF/10 Follow-up to the Hunger-Free Latin America and the Caribbean Initiative 2025 K7579E
LARC/10/INF/11 Challenges and outlook for the Caribbean subregion K7679E
LARC/10/INF/12 Challenges and outlook for the Central American subregion K7659E
LARC/10/INF/13 Challenges and outlook for the South American subregion K7790E
LARC/10/INF/14 A policy agenda for family farming K7338E
LARC/10/INF/15 Promoting synergies and collaboration between the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Commission on Genetic Resources of FAO and the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA) K7681E
LARC/10/INF/16 The situation in Haiti and the process of reconstruction: guidelines for the  implementation of projects with the contribution of the UN agencies based in Rome (FAO, IFAD, WFP) K7940E
LARC/10/REP Report of the 31st FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean (Panama City, Panama, 26 - 30 April 2010) K8392E

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