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FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific

Jakarta, Indonesia, 15–19 May 2006

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APRC/06/1 Provisional Annotated Agenda J7171E
APRC/06/1-Corr.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda J7171E
APRC/06/2 Adjustment and Restructuring in Major Asian Economies and their Implications on Food Security and Poverty in the Rest of the Region J7184E
APRC/06/3 Reducing Vulnerability to Natural Disasters and Promoting a Livelihood Approach for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction J7172E
APRC/06/4 Report on FAO Activities in the Asia and the Pacific Region (2004-04) with a Focus on the Achievement of the World Food Summit (WFS) Target and the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), and Actions Taken on the Recommendations of the 27th APRC J7208E
APRC/06/5 Roundtable on Effects of Trade on Food Security and Poverty Alleviation and Making Trade Work for the Poor and Hungry J7206E
APRC/06/6 Matters Arising from the 33rd Session of the FAO Conference J7274E
RC/2006/1 FAO Reform:
Part I. The Director-General's revised proposals
Part II. A vision for the twenty-first century.
APRC/06/INF - Series
APRC/06/INF/1 Provisional Timetable J7173E
APRC/06/INF/2-Rev.1 Provisional List of Documents J7174E
APRC/06/INF/3 Information Note J7175E
APRC/06/INF/4 Statement of the Director-General    
APRC/06/INF/5 Regional State of Food and Agriculture J7191E
APRC/06/INF/6 Pesticide Management and its Relationship to the Rotterdam, Stockholm and Basel Conventions J7176E
APRC/06/INF/7 Recent Developments in FAO's Programme on Transboundary Animal Diseases (TADs) J7177E
APRC/06/INF/8 Bioenergy: A Development Option for Agriculture and Forestry in Asia and the Pacific J7178E

APRC/06/REP Report of Twenty-Eigthth FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific
(Jakarta, Indonesia, 15–19 May 2006)

Previous Sessions: APRC 27; APRC 26; APRC 25

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