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Regional Conference for Africa (ARC)
25th Session

Nairobi, Kenya, 16 - 20 June 2008

Provisional List of DocumentsDownload ID
ARC/8/1 Provisional Annotated Agenda K1588E
ARC/8/2 Report on FAO Activities in the Region, 2006-2007, with a Focus on the Achievements of the Millennium Development Goals K1589E
ARC/8/3 Global and regional emergency issues K1663E
ARC/8/4 Scaling up agricultural water management: a priority for the implementation of the first pillar of the comprehensive africa agriculture development programme (CAADP) K1667E
ARC/8/5 Intra-Africa Trade: Issues, Challenges and Implementations for Food Security and Poverty Alleviation K1590E
INF SERIES ARC/2008Download ID
ARC/8/INF/1 Provisional List of Documents K2367E
ARC/8/INF/2 Provisional Timetable K2368E
ARC/8/INF/3 Rev.1 Information Note K2353E
ARC/8/INF/4 Statement of the Director-General K2796E
ARC/8/INF/5 Challenges for Sustainable Land Management (SLM) for Food Security in Africa K1820E
ARC/8/INF/6 Urbanization and Food Security in Sub-Saharian Africa K1915E
ARC/8/INF/7 Agrarian reform and rural development outcome and follow-up K1821E
ARC/8/INF/8 Knowledge Exchange, WAICENT and Capacity Building K1822E
ARC/8/INF/9 Report of the twenty-seventh session of the Committee on Fisheries. Rome, 5-9 March 2007. A1160E
ARC/8/INF/10 Report of the sixteenth session of the African Forestry and Wildlife Commission K2224E
ARC/8/INF/11 Matters Arising from the Thirty-fourth Session of the FAO Conference K1866E
The ReportDownload ID
ARC/8/Report Report of the 25th Regional Conference for Africa K4224E

Previous Sessions: ARC 24; ARC 23; ARC 22; ARC 21

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