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FAO Regional Conference for Europe

Montpellier, France, 5-7 May 2004

List of documents Download ID
ERC/04/1-Rev.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda J1872E
ERC/04/2 Report on FAO Activities in the European  Region, 2002-2003 J2104E
ERC/04/3 Follow-up to the World Food Summit and World Food Summit: fyl :Regional Dimensions J1959E
ERC/04/4 Food Safety and Quality in Europe: Aspects concerning in particular quality, nutritional balance, the importance of agricultural land and cultural heritage (“terroirs”) J1875E
ERC/04/5 Agricultural Research: its role and contribution to sustainable rural development J1746E
ERC/04/5-Sup.1 Major European Programmes, Initiatives and Fora on Agricultural Research J1747E
ERC/04/6 Review of the State of Food and Agriculture in the Region: Focus on Rural Poverty J1961E
ERC/04/INF - Series
ERC/04/INF/1 Information Note J0950E
ERC/04/INF/2-Rev.1 Provisional Timetable J1873E
ERC/04/INF/3-Rev.1 List of Documents J1874E
ERC/04/INF/4 Statement by the Director-General J1949E
ERC/04/INF/5 International Year of Rice : 2004 J2133E
ERC/04/INF/6 Programme for Bridging the Rural Digital Divide to reduce Food Insecurity and Poverty J1878E
ERC/04/INF/7 Initiative to Review and Update National Agricultural Development and Food Security Strategies and Policies J2134E
ERC/04/INF/8 Provisional List of Delegates    
ERC/04/INF/9 Statement of Competence and Voting Rights by the European Community (EC) and its Member Sates    
ERC/04/INF/10 Food Safety and Quality in Europe: Aspects concerning quality, nutritional balance, importance of agricultural land and cultural heritage (“terroirs”): A Gender Perspective. (Information paper prepared on behalf of the FAO/ECA Working Party on Women and the Family in Rural Development) J1876E
ERC/04/LIM - Series
ERC/04/LIM/1 Extract of the Report of the Thirty-third Session of the European Commission on Agriculture (ECA), Rome, 1-2 March 2004 J1818E
ERC/04/REP Report of the twenty-fourth FAO Regional Conference for Europe
(Montpellier, France, 5-7 May 2004


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