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FAO Regional Conference for the Near East

Sana’a, Republic of Yemen, 12 -16 March 2006
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NERC/06/1-Rev.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda J6865E
NERC/06/2 Report on FAO Activities in the Region, with a Focus on the Achievement of the World Food Summit (WFS) Target and the Millennium Development Goals J6926E
NERC/06/3 Strengthening Regional Cooperation in Controlling Trans-boundary Animal Diseases J6925E
NERC/06/3-Sup.1 Strengthening Regional Cooperation in Controlling Trans-boundary Animal Diseases: A Supplement on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza J7220E
NERC/06/4 Adopting Drought Mitigation Strategies in the Near East Region J6999E
NERC/06/5 Fisheries in the Near East Region: Situation, Constraints and Prospects J6961E
NERC/06/6 Matters Arising from the Thirty-third Session of the FAO Conference J7294E
RC/2006/1 FAO Reform:
Part I. The Director-General's revised proposals
Part II. A vision for the twenty-first century
NERC/06/INF - Series
NERC/06/INF/1 Information Note J7092E
NERC/06/INF/2-Rev.2 Provisional Timetable J6871E
NERC/06/INF/3-Rev.2 Provisional List of Documents J7091E
NERC/06/INF/4 Statement by the FAO Director-General J7260E
NERC/06/INF/5 Discussion and Debate on a Pre-selected Pressing Issue in the Region: "Implications of the Recent Developments in the Global and Regional Trading Environment for Food Security and Agricultural Development in the Near East" J6997E
NERC/06/INF/6 Good Agriculture Practices (GAP), Organic Farming and International Market Requirements J6933E
NERC/06/INF/7 Strengthening Rural Institutions: Alleviating Poverty to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) J6870E
NERC/06/INF/8 Biotechnology Potential in Support of Rural Development: Pros and Cons J7000E
NERC/06/INF/9 The Role of IPM Policies in the promotion of Crop Quality Improvement in the Near East Region J6902E
NERC/06/INF/10 Forests and Trees to Combat Desertification and Drought J6956E
NERC/06/INF/11 Farmers' Participation in the Management of Public Irrigation Schemes in the Near East: Experience and Prospects for Improvement J6866E

Report of the
Twenty-eighth FAO Regional Conference for the Near East
(Sana'a, Republic of Yemen, 12-16 March 2006)

Previous Sessions: NERC 27; NERC 26; NERC 25

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