Online seminar on AGRIS and AGROVOC organized by Institute TECHINFORMI

Aleksei Zaitcev/Unsplash

Increasing the visibility and accessibility of the agricultural data produced in Georgia through the FAO AGRIS International information system and AGROVOC multilingual thesaurus

On Friday 25 June of 2021, at 14:00, with the support of FAO, an online seminar concerning AGRIS and FAO AGROVOC multilingual thesaurus will be conducted by the Institute TECHINFORMI of the Georgian Technical University.  

The meeting is designed for agricultural specialists and librarians. It will deal with practical questions of placing information in the international AGRIS database, problems related to the search of agricultural academic reports, sorting records, their standardization, as well as the use of the AGROVOC thesaurus for describing scientific and information products, including library stock units.       

Institute TECHINFORMI is a national AGRIS Centre and Hub in Georgia, regularly placing bibliographic records (publications, conference materials, monographs, researches, etc.) in the database. Moreover, TECHINFORMI is the only provider of Georgian terms to the AGROVOC thesaurus.

 The meeting will be presented and guided by Dr. Nelly Makhviladze and Dr. Marina Razmadze.

The Institute TECHINFORMI will also assist with registration in AGRIS as a new data provider.

Official FAO representatives will also participate in the meeting. The participants will receive certificates of attendance.

Those wishing to participate, please contact:  [email protected] and [email protected]