WATCH: Partnering with FAO to Highlight Benefits and Challenges of Accessing Scientific Research, Publications and Data while Developing a new Networks of Contacts

Learn more about how the State Agrarian University of Moldova was able to work together with FAO to co-organize a workshop, and how they were able to utilize the workshop to interact with other key stakeholders discussing the benefits and also the challenges of accessing scientific research, publications and data, while at the same time developing a new network of contacts to assist with addressing any challenges in the future.


Victoria Lupu/ State Agrarian University of Moldova, Republic of Moldova


"It is an honor for our institution to co-organize this event together with FAO. This event is a unique opportunity to bring key stakeholders from eastern european countries to discuss challenges in accessing scientific research, publications and data. This event was able to help to create a network of organizations, share knowledge and good practices and collaborate with FAO to organize other events in the near future. "