UN Standing Committee on Nutrition & CFS

Trade and Nutrition: Opportunities and Risks

10 June 2016, 9.30 - 12.30, Red Room, FAO, Rome, Italy

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This event aims to increase common understanding about healthy diets in the context of trade and value chains. It will highlight the opportunities and constraints in enhancing coherence between trade policy and nutrition action as well as provide insights from various perspectives and experiences that show the relations between trade and nutrition. The Rome-based agencies will share their learning regarding the trade implications of nutrition sensitive value chains, discuss linkages, tensions and trade-offs.

Considering the many different experiences and insights around the linkages between trade and nutrition, there will be ample opportunity for dialogue and exchange of these experiences among all participants. The key issues arising from the discussion will be published on the UNSCN website and will be made available to CFS Members and stakeholders.