Education for Rural Transformation (ERT) International Symposium. International and Comparative Perspectives

8-10 November 2010
Stockholm, Sweden

Education for Rural People, together with UNESCO International Research and Training Center for Rural Education (INRULED), Beijing Normal University, China; and the Maharaja Sayajirao University (MSU), Vadodara, India, organized this event in which more than 30 experts and researchers from different Countries participated.

The aim of the event was to undertake research, capacity building, sharing good practices, identifying policy choices, and determining workable programmes and priorities in varying contexts related to Education for Rural Transformation (ERT).

The discourse on ERT and the exploration of the concept began with a study undertaken by INRULED and UNESCO in 2001 and in which it has been stated that “...It is essential to turn the continuing and inevitable transition of rural areas.... into an active and positive process of transformation of rural communities”.

The papers presented at the symposium were about a wide spectrum of issues, problems, practices, strategies and policy concerns related to educational programmes and provisions.

During the Symposium has also been underscored the urgency for systematic research, academic studies and training, and policy dialogue and advocacy at the international, regional and national levels for the future.