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Codex Committee on Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (CCFFV)

Terms of Reference:(a) to elaborate worldwide standards and codes of practice as may be appropriate for fresh fruits and vegetables;
(b) to consult, as necessary, with other international organisations in the standards development process to avoid duplication. (Amended 2014)

NOTE: Established by the 17th Session of the Commission (1987) as the Codex Committee on Tropical Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Its name and Terms of Reference were amended by the 21st Session of the Commission (1995).

Related Standards

Reference Title Committee Last modified
CXS 182-1993Standard for PineapplesCCFFV2011
CXS 183-1993Standard for PapayaCCFFV2011
CXS 184-1993Standard for MangoesCCFFV2005
CXS 185-1993Standard for NopalCCFFV2005
CXS 186-1993Standard for Prickly PearCCFFV2005
CXS 187-1993Standard for CarambolaCCFFV2005
CXS 188-1993Standard for Baby CornCCFFV2005
CXS 196-1995Standard for LitchiCCFFV2011
CXS 197-1995Standard for AvocadoCCFFV2013
CXS 205-1997Standard for BananasCCFFV2005
CXS 204-1997Standard for MangosteensCCFFV2005
CXS 246-2005Standard for RambutanCCFFV2005
CXS 316-2014Standard for Passion FruitCCFFV2014
CXS 213-1999Standard for LimesCCFFV2011
CXS 214-1999Standard for Pummelos CCFFV2011
CXS 215-1999Standard for GuavasCCFFV2011
CXS 216-1999Standard for ChayotesCCFFV2011
CXS 217-1999Standard for Mexican LimesCCFFV2011
CXS 218-1999Standard for GingerCCFFV2005
CXS 219-1999Standard for Grapefruits CCFFV2011
CXS 220-1999Standard for LongansCCFFV2011
CXS 237-2003Standard for PitahayasCCFFV2011
CXS 238-2003Standard for Sweet CassavaCCFFV2013
CXS 245-2004Standard for OrangesCCFFV2011
CXS 255-2007Standard for Table GrapesCCFFV2011
CXS 307-2011Standard for Chilli PeppersCCFFV2011
CXS 224-2001Standard for TanniaCCFFV2011
CXS 226-2001Standard for Cape GooseberryCCFFV2011
CXS 310-2013Standard for PomegranateCCFFV2013
CXS 300-2010Standard for Bitter CassavaCCFFV2013
CXS 299-2010Standard for ApplesCCFFV2010
CXS 303-2011Standard for Tree TomatoesCCFFV2011
CXC 44-1995Code of Practice for Packaging and Transport of Fresh Fruit and VegetablesCCFFV2004
CXS 225-2001Standard for AsparagusCCFFV2005
CXS 293-2008Standard for TomatoesCCFFV2008
CXS 317-2014Standard for DurianCCFFV2014
CXS 318-2014Standard for OkraCCFFV2014
CXS 330-2018Standard for AuberginesCCFFV2018
CXS 337-2020Standard for fresh garlicCCFFV2020
CXS 338-2020Standard for kiwifruitCCFFV2020
CXS 339-2020Standard for ware potatoesCCFFV2020
CXS 340-2020Standard for yamCCFFV2020