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Codex Committee on Food Hygiene
05/11/2016 - 09/11/2016 | Los Angeles, United States of America


The 48th Session of the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene will be held from 7 – 11 November 2016 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.
The Session will begin at 09:30, Monday 7 November 2016. The Session will be conducted in English, French and Spanish.


All participants should provide their information (names and addresses) through the online registration system by accessing the link below, latest by 7 October 2016.

Login and password for the online registration have been provided to all Codex Contact Points and Contact Points of Observer Organizations. If the login and password have not been received, please contact [email protected].
Only in case of technical difficulty, the registration form should be sent directly to the CCFH Secretariat.

- Seminar for first time delegates, California Grand Ballroom (Plenary Hall), The LA Hotel Downtown, Monday 7 November 2016, 9:00 – 9:30 AM (see attached).
- Side event on HACCP - Monday, 7 November – (Time tbc) (see attached)
Download HACCP Presentation: English, French, Spanish,
- Side event on Histamine - Tuesday afternoon, 8 November – (Time tbc) (see attached)
Download Histamine Presentation: English only.
- Electronic Platform for EWG's one year on - Wednesday 9 November (Time tbc) (see attached)

Information on other side events will be posted as it becomes available.


The documents for the session are available in English and will be placed on the Codex website as soon as they are prepared. We kindly remind you to obtain all documentation from the Codex website prior to the meeting.

Related documents

ItemDescriptionUpload date
Document Reference
1Provisional Agenda19/07/2016
CX/FH 16/48/1
4.1Proposed draft Revision of the General Principles of Food Hygiene (CAC/RCP 1-1969) and its HACCP Annex10/08/2016
CX/FH 16/48/5
5.1Proposed Draft Revision of the Code of Hygienic Practice for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (CAC/RCP 53-2003) 31/08/2016
CX/FH 16/48/6
0.1Information for delegates01/09/2016
6Guidance on Histamine Control and Sampling Plans for Histamine (Histamine Workplan)26/09/2016
CX/FH 16/48/7
8New work / forward workplan05/10/2016
CX/FH 16/48/9
3.2Information from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)07/10/2016
CX/FH 16/48/4
3.1Progress Report on the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Meetings on Microbiological Risk Assessment (JEMRA) and Related Matters 10/10/2016
CX/FH 16/48/3
2Matters Referred by the Codex Alimentarius Commission and/or Other Codex Subsidiary Bodies to the Food Hygiene Committee 13/10/2016
CX/FH 16/48/2
7Proposal to merge all guidance for control of foodborne parasites: Guidelines on the application of general principles of food hygiene to the control of foodborne parasites17/10/2016
CX/FH 16/48/8
5.2Comments at Step 321/10/2016
CX/FH 16/48/6 add.1
6.1Comments at Step 327/10/2016
CX/FH 16/48/7 Add.1
4.2Comments at Step 324/10/2016
CX/FH 16/48/5 add.1 rev2
101Division of Competence between the European Union and its Member States06/11/2016
107Safe Food For Consumers - Christine M. Bruhn, PhD07/11/2016
114Report of In-session Working Group on HACCP09/11/2016
Report of the fourty-eighth session of te Codex Committee on Food Hygiene04/01/2017
6.2Late Comments at Step 303/11/2016
CX/FH 16/48/7 Add.2
5.3Late Comments at Step 303/11/2016
CX/FH 16/48/6 Add.2
4.3Late Comments at Step 303/11/2016
CX/FH 16/48/5 Add.2
102Comments on Agenda Item 2 from European Union and Thailand 06/11/2016
103Comments on Agenda Item 3 from European Union and India 06/11/2016
104Comments on Agenda Item 7 from El Salvador, European Union06/11/2016
105Comments on Agenda Item 8 from Benin, Ecuador, Gambia, Nigeria, Zambia and African Union 06/11/2016
106Comments of Ecuador on Agenda Item 5 06/11/2016
109Comments on Agenda Item 4 from Guinea, India, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Somalia 06/11/2016
110Comments on Agenda Item 5 from Guinea, India, Indonesia, Republic of Korea 06/11/2016
111Comments on Agenda Item 6 from Guinea, India, Indonesia 06/11/2016
112Proposal of the United States of America on Agenda Item 2 06/11/2016
108Proposed Draft Revision of the Code of Hygienic Practice for Fresh Fruits And Vegetables (CAC/RCP 53-2003)06/11/2016
113Comments of Philippines on Agenda Item 6 08/11/2016
0.3FAO-WHO presentation on Water08/11/2016
0.2FAO-WHO Presentation on STEC Update08/11/2016
115Comments of South Africa on Agenda Item 6 09/11/2016
116Comments of Sudan on Agenda Item 5 10/11/2016
117Comments of Dominican Republic on Agenda Items 2, 3b, 4, 5, 7 10/11/2016
118All files zip collection