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Global challenges for a sustainable production of food of animal origin

Food of animal origin contribute to meet human requirements and have large significance, mainly for children and juveniles as well as for pregnant and lactating women and they may stabilize human nutrition. Due to the increase of global population, the higher income in many countries and to overcome present under- and malnutrition (mainly in developing countries), an increase of animal-source protein is expected.

On the other side, the production of food of animal origin needs considerable amounts of limited resources, such as arable land, water, fuel, some minerals and causes emissions with possible relevance for climate changes. These developments raise concerns about the sustainability and the environmental impact of animal agriculture. That means, food security and optimal human nutrition under consideration of limited resources and increased emissions can be considered as large challenges for all those dealing with feed and food production and nutrition. The objective of the contribution is to analyse the sustainability of food production of animal origin and to conclude for further challenges.

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